Intercooler Temperature Testing Trial #3

IC Temp Testing: Trial 3

The third setup to be considered for an IC temperature evaluation adds a second hair dryer to the heat supply side.

Note: I’m aware that a hair dryer does not output air of the same temperature and volume of an IS20 or IS38 turbocharger. 

Intercooler Temperature Testing Trial #3
Intercooler Temperature Testing Trial #3

With this arrangement the supply air temperature became very hot, close to the output from the turbochargers at maximum boost.

A problem was encountered due to insufficient airflow going through the intercooler and the high temperature triggering the hair dryer safety shutoff shortly into the trial.

IC Temperature Trial #3 Results Chart
IC Temperature Trial #3 Results

Next will be an effort to improve airflow through the intercooler to prevent the overheat condition at the hair dryers.