Disclosure Policy

Revised: June 21, 2019

MyGolfMk7.com provides a way for me to discuss topics related to the Volkswagen Golf Mk7 which I assume could influence readers of this site.

Healthy skepticism about my methods and conclusions will serve a reader well.

As of this date, June 28, 2017 June 21, 2019, I still have never been paid to endorse a product.

If I am ever paid to endorse a product I’ll be sure to mention the FTC Guidelines related to endorsing products.

In site advertising: Removed it all, it wasn’t worth the hassle for the meager pennies it earned.

Why is there a Disclosure Policy?

  1. I’m starting to get questions about products and what I think about them.  There are rare instances where a manufacturer will send me a product to test and evaluate and importantly, they will not want to have the product returned.
  2. If a situation should arise where a product has been given to me to test with no requirement to return the product and I decide to recommend others use it, I will mention that the part was given to me at no charge.

Far more commonly I will purchase the parts that I test, or borrow and then return them.  Lastly, I prefer the test and report my findings but leave the decision of purchasing it or not to the reader.