Mk7 GTI Turbo Muffler Delete

Summary page of information and links to posts about the Turbo Muffler Delete.

Product Testing:

IE vs Stock Turbo Muffler Flow test

More Flow Testing – Including an explanation for why a TMD is not likely to provide any performance benefits.

TMD Flow Testing – Testing TMDs while attached to a turbocharger compressor cover.

TMD Finale – Street Test (aka “real world”) of the stock and aftermarket TMDs.


List of turbo muffler delete options for the Mk7 GTI.

BrandCostPerformance (Claimed / Proven)
AMS Performance$99increases overall turbine efficiency
letting the air flow out smoothly into the charge piping.
allows the air to maintain velocity without a buildup of back pressure inside of the TMD.
Drastically Increased Air Flow
APR$158“better turbo response”
Faster spool
“Better power delivery”
DFG Tuning$99Yes – “air to flow smoother.” “better flow” / No
Burger Motorsports$89not only improving flow
flow improvement
CTS Turbo$68Yes – “for smooth air flow” ” replaces the restrictive, power robbing OEM Turbo Muffler,”
Eurocode$63Decrease turbo spool time 
increase your turbo response, and flow,
Integrated Engineering$129Increase turbo spool
Leyo Motorsport$130allows greater throttle response
Racingline$130Yes – “replaces the restrictive, power-robbing compressor outlet with a smooth, turbulence free air path exiting the turbo.”
noticeably better boost response giving a little more power and throttle reaction, all the while being able to actually hear your turbo working.
a small but useful power gain is made.
ECS Tuning$86
Forge$149improve response due to its sleek single billet design that eliminates the restriction and turbulence caused by the OEM part.
Spulen$105Reduces airflow restriction
Increased throttle response
Better boost response
034 Motorsport$99Allows turbo sounds to be audible