Best Mk7 GTI Tune

Mk7 ECU Tuning Options

Best Mk7 GTI Tune

Below is a list I have of vendors who provide tuning services for the Mk7.

Note: The list was created when I was shopping for IS20 Stage 2 tunes, and the notes reflect the nearest product to an Off-The-Shelf (OTS) aka “canned” tune I could find of the vendor’s offerings. OTS is a plug and play upgrade – install the software on your car and drive away. A few of these are custom tunes since that was all the particular tuner offers and I want the list to be comprehensive with respect to the vendor options for Stage 2 GTI’s, even if a true OTS is not offered by the vendor.

Since starting the list I have dropped the requirement to offer Stage 2 tunes for the IS20 and am listing all tuners I come across who offer tuning for the Mk7 ECU.

5150 * 165THOTS Map
8-bit Performance$500 Requires $90 flashing dongle
AU Tuning *$200
Boost Dynamic Tuning$425Requires $106 flashing cable
Delicious Tuning * 550Custom tune option *only*
EQT *175
Freektune *250Custom tune option *only*
MAPerformance *75
Panda Motorworks *250Custom tune option *only*
Sneekytuned *1751 free revision based on logs
Stratified *1001 free revision based on logs
Cobb *675pre-loaded Off-The-Shelf (OTS) tunes
034 Motosport650Requires $150 cable or Dealer install
APR500Stage 2 NLA / Dealer install
Awesome (UK)
Ecotune (UK)
Eurodyne699Requires flashing device, included.
G.I.A.C.550Flashing device separate
HPA Motorsports699Requires $300 flashing device
HP Tuners500DIY/Self-tuning
Integrated Engineering649Requires $150 cable or Dealer install
Mabotech525Requires Eurodyne flashing device
mountune52825Includes mTune handset
MRC Tuning (UK)
MTM$799Dealer install required
R-Tech Performance (UK)
TVS$850TVS Flasher or dealer install
United Motorsport600Dealer install required
Unicorn Motor Developments (UK) *?Custom Tune *only*
Unitronic650Requires $150 cable or dealer install
Vivid Racing600*Stage 1* only, requires $250 flashing device
* – Requires Cobb Accessport

The $500 dollar question, literally, I’d pay somebody $500 dollars if they could answer it, is which of these vendors offers the “best” tune for a Mk7 GTI IS20 equipped car?

Best encompasses a few attributes such as:

  • Power produced
  • Smoothness of operation
  • Fuel economy
  • Reliability
  • Affect on component wear
  • Cost
  • Ease of installation
  • Customer support

Determining objectively which of the thirty listed vendors has the “best” tune for the GTI is a challenging task and I won’t attempt to undertake it.


This section is reserved for links to tune comparisons. I’ll be asking other GTI owners who have “seen” results showing one tune being compared with another to provide links to the comparison so that I may reference them from this page.