CTS Turbo Mk7 Intake

CTS Turbo Intake Flow Test


CTS Turbo supplies an open intake for the Mk7 GTI. This design is similar to the Induct and Injen “filter-on-a-stick” products that have previously been flow tested.

Unique among the similar products that have been flow tested is the use of a 3.5″ intake pipe with the CTS product.

CTS Turbo Mk7 Intake Parts
CTS Turbo Mk7 Intake Parts

The main purpose for conducting this test is to evaluate if the larger pipe diameter contributes to increased airflow versus 3″ intake options.

Test Procedure:

The CTS intake is assembled and attached to a generic aftermarket inlet elbow that has been used on a number of previous intake tests. The inlet elbow is then attached to the flow bench using an adapter that simulates the entry to the turbo compressor housing of the IS20/IS38 turbochargers.

CTS Turbo Mk7 Intake
CTS Turbo Mk7 Intake

The flow bench is operated at a test depression of 28″ of H2O and the airflow through the intake is recorded.

Test Results:

The CTS intake flowed 394 CFM at 28″ of H2O. This result is compared to other open intakes similarly configured with a standard TIP:

CTS Turbo vs Other Open Intakes
CTS vs Other Open Intakes

Next the CTS intake is compared with all other intakes that have been flow tested in this configuration:

CTS vs All Intakes
CTS vs All Intakes

Note: The Injen results above are when paired with the MST TIP.


Flow performance of the CTS Turbo Mk7 intake is equivalent to other open intakes that have been flow tested. Margin of error is +/2 CFM.

Compared to all intakes tested the CTS intake places among the top flowing intakes.

The CTS intake 3.5″ intake pipe does not appear to provide any benefit over 3″ diameter pipes when configured as described in this test.


CTS Turbo Mk7 Intake system

8 thoughts on “CTS Turbo Intake Flow Test”

  1. Continues to show my overall impression of open intakes – they really are all about “the same” w/r to flow. I run the Neuspeed intake and suspect it would test exactly the same.

    1. It’s looking that way. Given the limited options to vary the design in a significant way similar results make sense.

  2. Very interesting data. Im genuinely curious to see how APRs new open intake system would stack up against the 3.5″ piping.

    1. I’d be surprised if the APR airflow was +/-5 CFM different than these other open style intakes. I don’t have a good method for testing the air filters alone, and it’s a bit late to start, but these differences at the top end may well come down to the filtration performance of the air filter.

  3. Hey Jef.Loving your work man.You are doing great job for doing all these tests.I was searching through to see if there is RAMAIR intake kit for EA 888 gen 3 air flow test but i could not.have you done the test with this kit or not ? Thank you.

    1. Hi, thanks for the feedback! I have not tested any of the RAMAIR products.

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