Injen Intake with MST TIP

Injen Mk7 Intake Flow Test


The Injen Mk7 is a relatively low cost open intake that provides an opportunity to test a different style intake.  It’s a basic filter on a stick with a simple partition.

Injen Mk7 Intake
Injen Mk7 Intake (partition not shown)

The inlet pipe is constructed of metal, a departure from my usual setup that uses silicone or the stock plastic accordion, thus presenting the opportunity to see how badly this metal pipe retains heat to cook the intake air, or so the theory goes.

The kit is supplied with a silicone reducer to connect the inlet pipe to the stock size turbo elbow.  As an excursion of this test I obtained a straight 3″ silicone coupler so that I can attach the Injen intake directly to the MST turbo inlet elbow.

Test Procedure:

Flow testing the intake begins with a calibration check of the flow bench followed by attaching the intake to the bench using an adapter that simulates the entry to the IS20/IS38 turbocharger.

Injen Mk7 Intake Flow Test Setup
Injen Mk7 Intake Flow Test Setup

A generic turbo inlet pipe with a stock size inlet is used to join the Injen pipe to the bench adapter.  The bench is operated at a depression of 28″ of H2O and the airflow reading at that pressure drop is recorded.

The generic inlet elbow is then replaced by the MST inlet elbow and the straight silicone coupler is used to attach the Injen intake pipe to the elbow.

Injen Intake with MST TIP
Injen Intake with MST TIP

The remainder of the test is the same a described above.

Test Results:

Airflow readings for the two test cases are shown on the next chart.  The as delivered product flowed 392 CFM and the swap to the 3″ straight coupler and MST TIP resulted in 396 CFM being flowed.

Injen Mk7 Intake Flow Test Results
Injen Mk7 Intake Flow Test Results

These results compared with other intakes under similar conditions are shown below.

Injen Intake Airflow Comparison
Injen Intake Airflow Comparison


The Injen Mk7 intake flows 392 CFM with a stock diameter TIP and 396 CFM with a 3″ turbo inlet pipe, this is comparable to other open intakes and ranks in the top quarter of all the intake systems that have been flow tested.

6 thoughts on “Injen Mk7 Intake Flow Test”

  1. Would be interesting to devise a test the metal pipe vs plastic or carbon w/r to exit air temp. I suppose a heated air source blowing in it with inlet and outlet air temp sensors. I have a Neuspeed intake which is basically the same thing and that pipe gets pretty hot.

    1. I’m looking into a comparison of the turbo intake air temperature using different material intake hoses.

      1. Very cool, looking forward to it! The other component that would be valuable is…does the intake pipe material impact the IAT going into the throttle body.

        1. If you’re referring to the material of the pipe that attaches to the turbo inlet elbow affecting the temperature at the intake manifold, I doubt to any degree worth being concerned about.

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