Miscellaneous Tests & Stuff

Miscellaneous tests and other stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into other categories.

Also, topics that frequently are raised in discussions.

Stock airbox modification – Flow testing the Mk7 stock airbox with additional holes.

Stock modified airbox vs aftermarket – Comparing flow performance of the stock airbox vs aftermarket with a larger turbo.

Stock DV versus BOV – How well does a BOV perform compared to the stock DV.

IS20 and IS38 Wastegate Adaptation – The steps I went through to calibrate the wastegate actuator.

Grill intake scoop – Several tests to investigate what, if anything, the intake grill scoop does.

Block off plate and underhood temperatures – Comparing the underhood temperature near the oil filter with and without blocking the passenger side duct.

Bicooler outlet temperature with the AC on – Comparing the temperature from the bicooler with a stock location and FMIC with AC operating.

Bicooler blues – Evaluating the performance of a Mk7 bicooler intercooler.

Custom Performance Engineering Mounts – Review of cp-e engine and transmission mounts for the Mk7.

Intercooler test trends – Trends observed using different intercooler configurations on the GTI.

Bicooler spacer mod – fitting the Majesty bicooler hose to the stock IC.

FMIC and SMIC with AC On – Comparing the temperature out of different style intercoolers with the Air Conditioning on.

Turbo Inlet Pipes and Boost – Comparing stock and aftermarket inlet pipe boost onset / turbo spool changes.

Stock vs Aftermarket ICs – Comparison of the performance of the stock GTI IC and an aftermarket stock location IC.

IS38 turbo with IS20 tune – What happens when driving with an IS38 turbo on an IS20 tune?

Cobb IS38 OTS tune – Comparing the Cobb GTI IS38 OTS tune with a customer IS38 tune from EQT.

Intakes & hydro locked engines – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 – Checking if water gets into the GTI intake.

Intake power gains – Comparing an aftermarket intake to stock to see if acceleration performance changes.

APR vs Modified stock – APR carbon fiber closed intake compared with a modified stock GTI airbox during street pulls.

IAT Sensor Lies – Measurements from the IAT sensor compared with a temperature sensor at the IC outlet.

IAT During Cruising – Measurements from the IAT sensor during cruising show how the sensor inaccurately reports the temperature leaving the intercooler.

FMIC vs SMIC trends – Overall trends of front mounts and stock mount ICs that I have used.

Product Reliability – Discussion of the processes involved with determining a product’s reliability.