Mk7 GTI/R Intercooler Comparison

This page contains a summary of intercooler specifications and flow performance for a range of brands and types of intercoolers available for the Mk7 GTI and Golf R.

The table below summarizes data I have gathered on various intercooler options:

ManufacturerLocationDesignLength (in)Height (in)Depth (in)Frontal Area (in^2)Core Volume (in^3)Weight (lbs)Charge RowsFin/In.
OEM GTIDFTube & Fin24.2516.251.253944937.4298
OEM RDFTube & Fin24.2516.251.463945407.82911
AMSDFTube & Fin24162.2538486417.02722
APRDFBar & Plate2416.252.2539087827.82512
BurgerDFBar & Plate241623847682623
CTSDFBar & Plate25162.2540090023
DirenzaDFBar & Plate23
do88DFTube & Fin24.9616.692.2441793323.02612
ECS TuningDFBar & Plate24.516.52.040480826
ForgeDFBar & Plate25.616.71.9742884225.82410
HPADFTube & Fin25162.1740086819.625
IE v1DFBar & Plate2416.42.2539488629.22411
IE v2DFBar & Plate24.416.72.75407112131.424
LeyoDFTube & Fin24.816.3240379427
MabotechDFBar & Plate25.516.1252.8411114930.023
MishimotoDFBar & Plate24.4162.239085930.22814
MTCDFTube & Fin24.816.31.9740078925
Pro AlloyDFTube & Fin2516.142.3640495216.525
PWR PerformanceDFTube & Fin24.415.742.163848302416
RacinglineDFBar & Plate2516.192.58405104429.82211
RevoDFBar & Plate2316.54238076129
UnitronicDFBar & Plate23.516.5238877624.424
WagnerDFTube & Fin25.216.12.240689318.525
ARM MotorsportFMICBar & Plate2293.2519864418.013
Baun (Vibrant)FMICBar & Plate229.253.2520466117.013
CTSFMICBar & Plate2482.7519252816.212
eBay v1FMICBar & Plate24.46.72.5516341710
MajestyFMICBar & Plate25.27.53.5418966719.410
ECS TuningFMICBar & Plate25.58320461218.01211
ForgeFMICBar & Plate24.56.252.515338310.27
G-PlusFMICTube & Fin9.6
JD Euro (TR8L)FMICBar & Plate247.83.518766516.211
MabotechFMICBar & Plate2583.5520071019.58
NeuspeedFMICBar & Plate23.56.531534589
Neuspeed IS38FMICBar & Plate266.5316950711

Flow Chart Explanation:

The chart below is a comparison of airflow data that I have measured.  The intercoolers were tested using a flow bench set to a depression of 28″ of H2O.

Caution: This test is only of flow performance, this test does not correlate with cooling performance.  Review the intercooler test page for more direct comparisons.

CTS and Stock Location Intercoolers

FMIC units only:

Treadstone TR8C Intercooler Flow Test Results

Note: With this test summary airflow readings are being transitioned to a new standard setup.  Over the past year and a half the test equipment used for flow testing has evolved.  A newer bell mouth design was created that uses a thinner wall inside the inlet hose to open the intake slightly.  When repeating tests using the new bell mouth design there is approximately 2 CFM more airflow through the intercoolers.  This is approximately equal to the maximum margin of error.

On the outlet side the adapter to the bench has been revised to more closely approximate the throttle body, and this has produced a reduction in the overall airflow.  For larger stock location intercoolers a decrease of approximately 12 CFM has been measured.  With the lower flowing intercoolers, mainly the FMIC products, the change is less, only around 2-3 CFM less.

Products or combinations that have not been tested with the latest equipment are indicated in the chart with a (-) to show that they likely would flow a few CFM less if tested with the current equipment.