Welcome to My Golf Mk7.  This site exists to document the experience the author has been through on the road to acquiring, and then modifying a Volkswagen Mk7 Golf GTI.

Contained in the website will also be information about, or links to, aspects about ownership of this vehicle that I feel are useful to bring to the attention of readers of the site.

A main subject of this site will be the pursuit of increased vehicle performance by way of investigating and incorporating parts marketed with this as a goal.  Testing these products, evaluating the results they produce, and then assessing how well the products meet my requirements is the approach I will take.

car tire on road

Update: This site has been online about three years, time for a little more information about the author.

MyGolfMk7 is the continuation of an effort that started with MyAudiS4.  Purchase of a Mk7 GTI prompted me to change focus from modifying my B5 S4 to looking at performance parts for the GTI.  At MyAudiS4 I gave some background About Me and my journey testing car parts.

Here are some topics that occasionally come up that are related to what I am doing with this site, and my interaction in discussions with other owners.

  1. Show me the proof.  I’m a professional test engineer, that’s how my work gets done.  Some of the same methodology is applied to the tests I discuss on this site.
  2. Are you paid to do these tests?  No.  The tests that I conduct are out of an interest to learn how these parts perform and to apply principles of test and evaluation.  I like modifying my GTI and rather than keeping the tests and results to myself I publish the information for others to use.
  3. Do the vendors give you parts?  Very rarely. Most requests to borrow parts from vendors for testing are turned down.  The overwhelming majority of parts that I test I have purchased myself.  There has been the occasional vendor who will loan or donate a part.