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This page serves as a starting point for the information contained in the site related to Fact-Checking.

Fact Check Candidates

Products / Services that are being considered for review.

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Concluded Fact Checks

EQT Fact Checks

With a large number of claims originating from EQT that deserve fact-checking, this section is dedicated to fact-checking this business.

Blaze Intake Real World Data Fact Checks

  • Brett Harrison – Blaze ATOM V2 flows 50% or more than Racingline R600.
  • Mason / EQT – Assessing second-hand information about Blaze ATOM V2 increases versus IE V2 intake
  • Mason / EQT – Testing the IE V2 intake and comparing results with the claims from Mason / EQT.
  • Neil’s data logs – MST intake and MST v1 Tip vs Blaze ATOM V2