aFe Power Full Charge Pipe Flow Test

Mk7 GTI Charge Pipes

This page summarizes data gathered about charge pipes for the Mk7 GTI.


List of charge pipe options for the Mk7 GTI.

aFe Power$42163 mm (Hot) / 70 mm (Cold)Yes
ECS Tuning$34260 mm (Hot) / 70 mm (Cold)No
AMS Performance$17957 mm (Hot)NoHot side only / No IC hoses
Neuspeed$37963 mm (Hot) YesHot side only / No IC hoses
Revo$41963 mm (Hot) / 63 mm (Cold)NoNo IC hoses
APR$27960 mm (Hot) / 60 mm (Cold)NoNo IC hoses
DBV2$65063 mm (Hot) / 70 mm (Cold)Yes
Unitronic$34960 mm (Hot) / 60 mm (Cold)No
Vargas$29963 mm (Hot) / 70 mm (Cold)No
EQT$27563 mm (Hot)Yes
ARM Motorsport$30063 mm (Hot) / 63 mm (Cold)Yes

Tested Products:

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