Mk7 GTI Charge Pipes

This page summarizes data gathered about charge pipes for the Mk7 GTI.


List of charge pipe options for the Mk7 GTI.

aFe Power$42163 mm (Hot) / 70 mm (Cold)Yes
ECS Tuning$34260 mm (Hot) / 70 mm (Cold)No
AMS Performance$17957 mm (Hot)NoHot side only / No IC hoses
Neuspeed$37963 mm (Hot) YesHot side only / No IC hoses
Revo$41963 mm (Hot) / 63 mm (Cold)NoNo IC hoses
APR$27960 mm (Hot) / 60 mm (Cold)NoNo IC hoses
DBV2$65063 mm (Hot) / 70 mm (Cold)Yes
Unitronic$34960 mm (Hot) / 60 mm (Cold)No
Vargas$29963 mm (Hot) / 70 mm (Cold)No
EQT$27563 mm (Hot)Yes
ARM Motorsport$30063 mm (Hot) / 63 mm (Cold)Yes

Tested Products:

Mk7 GTI Charge Pipe Evaluation (Stock, eBay, Neuspeed, Revo)

Stock charge pipe – Part 2

Stock cold side flow test

DBV2 Charge Pipe Flow Test

DBV2 Charge Pipes – Part 2

aFe Power Charge Pipe Test – Part 1

aFe Power Charge Pipe Test – Part 2

Vargas Charge Pipe Test

Test Results Summary: