Mk7 GTI Camshaft Adjuster and Sensor

This page details some parts that I replaced related to the Camshaft Position Sensor and Adjuster.

In my case, the first sign that something was off was the engine becoming louder at idle.

Later a CEL would pop up reporting an issue with the camshaft position sensor that was accompanied by the engine running rougher.

I was logging the car at the time the issue threw the CEL and it was apparent something was off since both the intake and exhaust cams reported position began to be off from normal operation:

Rather than replace parts piecemeal to determine what was faulty I decided to replace the sensor identified as faulty by VCDS and also the Camshaft Adjuster Magnets and the Camshaft Adjuster Valves.

Engine Camshaft Position Sensor

Part Number: 04C-907-601-K

Number: 2

Tighten Bolt: 9 Nm

Used to locate the position of the valves.

Camshaft Position Sensor
Camshaft Position Sensor

Cam Position Sensor Locations
Cam Position Sensor Locations

Engine Variable Valve Timing (Vvt) Solenoid

Part Number: 06L-109-259-D

Replaces: 06L-109-259-A

Number: 2

Also called: Camshaft Adjuster Magnet

Also called a VVT solenoid for short. Pressurizes the oil whose movement activates the valve timing adjustment mechanism.

Engine Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Oil Control Valve

Part Number: 06L-109-257-F (2015 MY)

Part Number: 06K-109-257-H (Later MY)

Number: 2

Tighten to 35 Nm, Left Thread

Also called: Camshaft Adjuster Valve, Spool Valve

Camshaft Adjuster Valve
Camshaft Adjuster Valve

Camshaft Seal

Part Number: WHT-007-212-B

Number: 2

Also called: Sealing Ring

Schwaben Camshaft Adjusting Socket

Part Number: LCB153SCH

Schwaben Camshaft Adjusting Socket

Camshaft Adjustment Related Videos

The following videos helped me become familiar with the issue when the camshaft adjustment is off and potential solutions.

8 thoughts on “Mk7 GTI Camshaft Adjuster and Sensor”

  1. Thank you, would you please upload the pictures of the engine compartment, I’m finding it difficult locating the cam position sensor.

  2. Jeff: How did you get that Exhaust Cam Pos Sensor out? It’s tight right there…

    1. Jeffrey Jones

      I have a short torx bit that goes into a screwdriver tool. I use that in a small box wrench to loosen the bolt, then remove it by hand.

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