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This page is intended to provide links to all of the tests that have been documented on the site.  Because many tests are small efforts done out of curiosity or to explore variations of primary tests there may be test activities that don’t make it into the site menu.

Opaque Hood Showing Intake Inlets
Opaque Hood Showing Intake Inlets

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Last updated: January 5, 2024
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Buying ModifiedTow Hook Cover ReplacementLosing the Tow Hook Cover from a Mk7 GTI is not an uncommon occurence. This post details the steps I took to make a 3D printed replacement tow hook cover.
Buying ModifiedToned Down ExhaustAdding quieting components to the AWE Tuning Track Edition exhuast and catless CTS downpipe for the Mk7 GTI to quiet the volume level.
Buying ModifiedMagnaflow MufflerMagnaflow’s muffler unit is installed inline on my AWE Track edition catback exhaust (Mk7 GTI) in order to try and tone down the volume of the exhaust note.
Buying ModifiedTop 5 – Dubious Product ClaimsRidiculous product claims used to sell aftermarket parts to consumers are highlighted with a Top 5 list of ridiculous claims I have seen.
DSG TCU TunesStratified Automotive Control DSG TuneStratified Automotive Control DSG TCU Tune for the Mk7 GTI is logged with shift points being illustrated on charts to show upshift and downshift behavior.
DSG TCU Tunes034 Motorsport Mk7 GTI DSG TCU Tune Review034 Motorsport Mk7 GTI DSG TCU Tune Review. From my initial impression and feedback to 034 to my thoughts on the 034 revised tune.
DSG TCU TunesEQT DSG TCU Tune KickdownEQT DSG TCU Tune Kickdown behavior is logged during operation of a Mk7 GTI to characterize the eagerness of the tune to shift to lower gears.
DSG TCU TunesEQT v2 DSG GearshiftEQT v2 DSG TCU tune is driven in a Mk7 GTI and shift points are datalogged to characterize shift patterns and behavior.
DSG TCU TunesAPR DSG TCU Tune DataData logging with the APR DSG TCU tune for the Mk7 GTI DQ250 transmission. Reviewing upshift and downshift behavior with the APR TCU tune.
DSG TCU TunesCobb Sport DSG TuneThe Cobb Sport DSG TCU tune for the VW Mk7 GTI is recorded under varying conditions and control logic is presented in chart form.
DSG TCU TunesStratified DSG Tune RevisionStratified Automotive Controls Mk7 DSG TCU Tune is being refined based on suggesions and the first revision of the base file is test driven.
DSG TCU Tunes5150 DSG Tuning – Week 1 Progress
DSG TCU Tunes5150 DSG Tuning – Week 2 Progress5150-Racing is custom tuning a TCU file for my GTI’s DQ250 DSG transmission. The first base file along with an initial revision have been installed. this week.
DSG TCU Tunes5150 DSG Tuning – Week 3DSG Tuning with 5150 is being documented as a series of blog posts to describe the process and progress toward a customized DSG tune.
DSG TCU Tunes5150 DSG Tuning – Week 4
DSG TCU Tunes5150 DSG Tuning – Week 5
DSG TCU Tunes5150 DSG Tuning End5150 Racing Mk7 GTI TCU Tuning. The custom DSG tuning project with 5150 Racing has reached an end without completing the project due to other priorities.
DSG TCU TunesStratified DSG Tune Revision – V3
DSG TCU TunesStratified DSG Tune Revision V4Stratified Automotive Controls has been making some updates to their TCU tune for the DQ250 DSG transmission in the MK7 GTI, these are the latest changes.
DSG TCU TunesStratified DSG Tuning v5
DSG TCU TunesStratified DSG Tuning v6
DSG TCU TunesStratified DSG Tuning v7Stratified Automotive Controls TCU tune for the Mk7 GTI DQ250 DSG has been undergoing revisions to improve the transmission behavior. This is revision 7.
DSG TCU TunesStratified DSG Tuning v8
DSG TCU TunesStratified TCU Tune PreviewStratified Automotive Controls has been making revisions to the Mk7 GTI DQ250 DSG TCU Tune. This is a preview of the changes delivered with the update.
DSG TCU TunesStratified DSG Tuning v9
DSG TCU TunesStratified DSG Tuning v10
DSG TCU TunesStratified DSG Tune v14Stratified Automotive Controls has been making revisions to the Mk7 GTI TCU tune. This is the fourteenth revision and last that I will give feedback about.
DSG TCU TunesStratified DSG Tune v12Continuing the revisions to the Stratified Automotive Controls DSG TCU tune for the MK7 GTI. Focus of this update is 6th to 5th gear downshifting.
DSG TCU TunesDSG Data Translation
DSG TCU TunesDSG Tune Shiftpoint DiscussionDSG tune shift points for the Mk7 GTI DQ250 transmission are discussed in a video and several charts showing examples of shift points are provided.
DSG TCU TunesIntegrated Engineering Mk7 DSG TuneIntegrated Engineering Mk7 GTI DSG tune review. The IE TCU tune for the DQ250 DSG is reviewed and analyzed.
EditorialIntroduction to VWA site about the Volkswagen Golf Mk7 4DR Hatchback. Tests and analysis of results pertaining to aftermarket upgrades in the search for the best performance.
EditorialVW Golf Search Underway
EditorialMk7 GTI PCV Breather HoseThe VW Mk7 GTI PCV Breather Hose attachment to the Turbocharger Inlet Pipe is a real fun part to separate when removing the TIP from the Turbocharger.
EditorialMQB Apex ARC-8 Wheel PollApex is looking into developing a wheel set for the MQB platform and is gauging interest in bringing this product to market.
EditorialIntake RestrictionsForum discussion about air intake systems leads to disagreement over what differeing levels of pressure losses produce in overall system loss.
EditorialTurbo Inlet Pipe InstallationA short DIY video explaining the process for installing a turbocharger inlet pipe / elbow on the turbo of a Mk7 GTI.
EditorialEQT DSG Transmission TuneEquilibrium Tuning Mk7 GTI DSG TCU Tune is recorded during daily driving and the engine speed and pedal position at which gear shifting occurs is shown.
EditorialFlow Bench Testing Air Intakes
EditorialIntercooler Bench Test MethodAddressing concerns raised about the Mk7 GTI intercooler bench testing being used to identify candiate systems for on vehicle testing.
EditorialIntegrated Engineering V1 vs V2 IC Street DataIntegrated Engineering V1 and V2 intercoolers are logged on the street and results are compared for temperature and pressure drop differences.
Editorialdo88 Intake Unboxingdo88 sent me an intake lid, inlet hose, and turbo inlet elbow, to perform flow testing with. Here is the unboxing of the package.
EditorialMk7 ECU Tuning OptionsComprehensive list of Mk7 ECU tuning options. Various vendors offer tunes for the GTI and Golf R, here are some of them.
EditorialMk7 GTI Fuel Line RemovalTips for removing the Mk7 GTI fuel line at the connection near the coolant reservoir.
EditorialApex Race Parts Mk7 Group BuyApex Race Parts VW Mk7 Group Buy is finally live after two years. Aftermarket wheels to clear most big brake kits and support track enthusiasts.
EditorialARM Motorsports Mk7 Intake Flow TestARM Motorsports Mk7 open intake is tested to measure airflow through the intake using a flow bench. Airflow is compared with other Mk7 intake products.
EditorialCustom Performance Engineering Mk7 Mounts ReviewCustom Performance Engineering mounts for the Mk7 are reviewed. Installation and experience with the cp-e engine and transmission mounts for the Mk7 GTI is discussed.
EditorialAftermarket Intake Manifold IAT Sensor DisplacementAftermarket intake manifolds for the Mk7 might change the exposure of the intake air temperature, IAT sensor, to air within the manifold.
EditorialGalano Engineering Intake Manifold Claims
EditorialFact Checking – That’s ProprietaryProprietary is a word often used by vendors to explain why they are unable to substantiate the performance claims they make for their products. Is this a valid reason?
EditorialMabotech IntercoolerMabotech intercooler for the Mk7 is measured to learn the diminsions of this stock location IC and compare with other aftermarket intercoolers.
EditorialBlog contentBlog content on MygolfMk7 is explained. Purpose behind a test can vary and my motivation for performing tests is discussed.
EditorialDV vs BOV AnalogyDV operation is explained using an analogy to show why it does not affect the turbocharger operation differently from a BOV.
EditorialBad Advice Thursday
EditorialIntake Claims Sanity TestSanity test of claims made by Ed Suman of Equilibrium Tuning concerning the efficacy of flow bench testing of automotive intakes.
Editorial|ModificationsWagner Tuning Competition Intercooler InstallWagner Tuning Competition Intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is installed on my GTI to record cooling performance and pressure drop during street logging.
Fact CheckingTurbocharger ReliabilityReliability of aftermarket turbochargers and OEM turbos is of particular interest to users looking for low cost products that support high power production.
Fact CheckingIE IC V2 – Change ReviewIntegrated Engineering V2 intercooler claims for the Mk7 GTI are evaluated to assess if there is data to support the claims.
Fact CheckingIE IC V2 – Change Review – Detailed Version
Fact CheckingComments AnalysisAnalysis of a discussion about airbox airflow performance by a former Integrated Engineering employee.
Fact CheckingKickoff: Fact CheckingFact checking is conducted by applying test and evaluation processes to product claims and enthusiast statements to gauge how well the claims are met.
Fact CheckingFact Check – Vendor Claim StandardsFederal Trade Commission Truth In Advertising guidelines are reviewed to determine applicable guidelines for claims by aftermarket performance parts vendors.
Fact CheckingFact Check: IE Software vs Custom TunesIE provides off-the-shelf software for the Mk7 GTI. IE claims their product is higher quality than custom software. IE claims are analyzed.
Fact CheckingDV vs BOV Research: No Data RequiredComparison of operating Air-to-fuel ratio of a Mk7 GTI equipped with the stock diverter valve and an aftermarket Forge blow-off valve.
Fact CheckingFact Check: Turbo Parts Canada BB IS38Turbo Parts Canada IS38 Ball Bearing turbocharger claims are investigated to determine how well the claims are substantiated.
Fact CheckingCanadian Advertising GuidelinesCanadian advertising guidelines that relate to claims about product performance and requirements to substantiate claims by way of tests.
Fact CheckingTurbo Parts Canada IS38 Ball-Bearing Turbo: Information CampaignTurbo Parts Canada sells a ball-bearing IS38 turbocharger for the Mk7. Information provided by the business about the product fails to meet Canadian advertising guidelines.
Fact CheckingTPC IS38 BB: ProgressTurbo parts Canada is38 ball bearing turbocharger product description is subject of a discussion with TPCs owner with positive progress being made.
Fact CheckingHPS Silicone Intake Hose Kit – Fact CheckHPS silicone intake hose for the Mk7 GTI has several purported performance benefits. Claims for the HPS hose are examined to judge how credible they are.
Fact CheckingMk7 GTI Restrictive Parts ListRestrictive parts would seem to abound on the Mk7 GTI in stock form if aftermarket vendor claims are to be believed. This post lists many restrictive parts.
Fact CheckingUK Advertising GuidelinesUK advertising guidelines are helpful to be familiar with so that claims made by companies selling aftermarket parts in the UK can be assessed against these standards.
Fact CheckingNeuspeed FMIC Fact CheckNeuspeed FMIC fact check investigates how truthful the marketing claims by Neuspeed are and if they are substantiated. Federal Trade Commision act is referenced.
Fact CheckingIntercooler Horsepower RatingHorsepower rating for an intercooler is something I have seen from several manufacturers but have not understood how this number is found. What I found out.
Fact CheckingDBV2 Feedback AnalyzedDBV2 feedback from Daniel Bogues on the subject of a recent intercooler post is analyzed to understand if the vendors concerns are valid.
Fact CheckingBlaze Intake Real World Data Check – 3Blaze intake is compared with an MST intake on an Mk7 vehicle as well as by an airflow bench test. Performance differences are compared.
Fact CheckingYouTuber Claim Part 2Youtuber’s claim is examined for a common theme of misunderstanding about flow benches and data requirements for valid testing.
Fact CheckingAPR Closed or Open IntakeAPR comments about their open intake are compared with the product description for the APR closed intake to see if there is consistency in the messaging.
Fact CheckingInlet Elbow Effect – Real WorldEffect of inlet elbow on airflow is discussed in 2020 and comparison data from 2023 after a full intake swap is presented.
Fact CheckingEQT False Claims – Jeff is a hackEQT is a business that sells aftermarket products to consumers. Ed Susman the owner of Equilibrium Tuning has made several false statements about me.
Fact CheckingFact Check: JDY PerformanceJDY Performance claims for the business’ RS3 FMIC are compared with exactly similar claims made by Integrated Enginering for its MQB IC over three years prior.
Fact Checking>Enthusiast AdviceFact Check – YouTuber Claims about Intake TestingClaims that flow bench tests are BS and do not provide results that are correlated with an operating vehicle for several parts that have been tested are fact-checked.
Fact Checking>Enthusiast AdviceFact Check: do88 vs ARM (SMIC vs FMIC)A comparison is made of the do88 stock mount intercooler and the ARM Motorsport front mounted intercooler to compare temperature and pressure drop.
Fact Checking>Enthusiast Advice|Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTBlaze Intake Real World Data CheckBlaze ATOM V2 real-world data is reviewed and an evaluation is made as to the suitability for comparison with the Racingline R600 intake.
Fact Checking>Enthusiast Advice|Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTIE Intake Advice AnalyzedIE intake performance on the Mk7 is tested and analyzed after viewing EQT tester comments that the intake should be replaced with a Blaze ATOM V2.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEquilibrium Tuning’s Best IntercoolerEquilibrium Tuning recommends teh best cooling intercooler for the Mk7 GTI. I investigate to find out if the claim about the best intercooler is valid.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT Best IC – Part 2EQT recommends to consumers the best intercooler for the Mk7. This post examines the claims and evaluates the credibility of the EQT recommendation.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT Compressor Surge AdviceCompressor surge is not a concern according to an employee of Equilibrium Tuning. This claim is fact checked against other information sources.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTFact Check: Turbo Compressor EfficiencyCompressor efficiency claims for the EQT Vortex turbocharger are assessed and a comparison is made with an IS38 turbocharger to see how the turbos compare.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTBlaze intake with EQT spinEQT sells the Blaze intake in North America. EQT makes claims for the products performance but does not have evidence. This post begins a search for evidence.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT Blaze Intake DataEQT sells the Blaze Performance intake in the North American market. The claims for the product made by EQT do not have evidence in support of them.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTBigger Intake Common SenseIs bigger better when it comes to intakes? Does EQT have evidence to back up the claims they make about the Blaze Performance intake. This post discusses these topics.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEquilibrium Tuning Claims AnalysisEquilibrium Tuning makes a series of claims about the performance of the Blaze ATOM V2 intake kit. The claims are analyzed to see if EQT substantiates them.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTTest Support Tools – EQT ConcernsTest support tools used in a downpipe comparison are topic of discussion with Dave Veal from Equilibrium Tuning (EQT).
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEd Susman at EQT – Response AnalyzedEd Susman, the owner of Equilibrium Tuning, responds to a post where I looked into claims that EQT makes for the Blaze Performance intake. I analyze Ed’s reply.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT Consumer Manipulation – ThreatsEQT owner Ed Susman makes threats to a consumer to take down their review or face legal actions and threatens to hold consumer liable for monetary damages.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQT“Demands” Email to EQTEQT was contacted by email with questions about claims the company makes for the Blaze Performance intake. The questions sent to EQT are provided here.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT Consumer Manipulation – Test ClaimEQT testing claims about the Blaze intake were the subject of a post that Matt from Equilibrium Tuning replied to. Matt’s comments contain numerous errors.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTBlaze Intake Real World Data Check – 2Blaze intake real-world data is reviewed and compared with discussions that took place considering the similarity with flow bench data.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT False Claims – Flow BenchEQT claims about flow bench performance requirements are investigated while unsubstantiated claims from Ed Susman about the PTS flow bench are analyzed.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTCliff At EQT – Comments AnalysisCliff at Equilibrium Tuning makes accusations related to damage to a Blaze Performance intake case as well as accusations of missing parts but misses the mark.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT Consumer Manipulation – PrologueEQT consumer manipulation is the subject of a multi-part post thread where the hypothesis that EQT misleads consumers is investigated.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTDisinformation Source IdentifiedThe source of disinformation concerning the validity of the flow bench testing of intakes and tests on this website is traced to Ed Susman of Equilibrium Tuning.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT Consumer Manipulation – Testing Part 2EQT claims about testing of the Blaze Performance ATOM V2 intake are reviewed and problems with the logic of the claims are pointed out.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT Claims – Only Haters Say ThatEQT owner Ed Susman attacks a consumer who does not offer praise for Equilibrium Tuning. Analyzing what the owner of EQT had to say to the consumer.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTFact Check: EQT LPFP Claims AnalysisEQT LPFP claims are reviewed to assess how well tests described by EQT are backed with performance evidence to substantiate the product claims.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT False Claim – Ignoring DataEQT claims related to the conduct of the author in connection with reviewing data is analyzed and found to be false. EQT has questionable business ethics.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT False Claims – Flawed TestsEQT makes false claims about the value of tests that have been performed claiming that there are flaws in how the tests have been performed.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT False Claims – Limited Tests
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT Claims – UpdateEQT claims for the Blaze Performance ATOM V2 intake have been questionable for a long time. Recently the business changed it’s advertising.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTBlaze ATOM V2 – EQT Real World DataBlaze Performance ATOM V2 intake data is compared with data from a Racingline R600 and the analysis made by Matt Ferreira of EQT is checked for quality.
Fact Checking>Evaluating EQTEQT Disinformation – “Demands” Email ReviewEQT is a business selling aftermarket products such as the Blaze Performance ATOM V2 and Vortex XL turbochargers to consumers. Claims by Ed Susman are reviewed.
Modification ResearchModification ResearchResearch into some optional power adders for the Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7, looking at some of the options for modifying boost and other engine parameters.
Modification ResearchModification Research ContinuingSome information I have been able to locate on some aftermarket intake systems from APR and VMW compared to the VW stock intake on a DynoJet Dyno.
Modification ResearchWhen Geeking Out goes wrong
Modification ResearchDSG Tune Comparison: APR versus EurodyneAPR versus Eurodyne DSG transmission control unit TCU evaluation of the Mk7 GTI with DSG tranmssion and DSG tunes by APR and Eurodyne.
Modification ResearchShuenk IS38 OEM+ Turbo Boost DataShuenk OEM+ IS38 turbocharger is taken out for a second drive in cooler weather to gather some additional boost onset data.
Modification ResearchMk7 GTI Stock Intercooler VolumeMk7 GTI Stock Intercooler volume is measured compared to the eBay direct fit intercooler followed by an evaluation of the likelihood of turbo lag occurring.
Modification ResearchEQT DSG TCU Tune DownshiftingEquilibrium Tuning DSG TCU tune for the Mk7 GTI is data logged and downshift engine speeds are plotted for different starting gears.
Modification ResearchBest Mk7 GTI IC Finders Fee $$$Search for the best Mk7 GTI intercooler and willing to pay a finders fee for evidence that supports showing which intercooler is the best.
Modification ResearchSensor Housing ProgressDesigning and building an airflow and temperature sensor housing to enable measurement of the affect a Mk7 GTI intake scoop has on intake air.
Modification ResearchShuenk IS38+ Turbo DynoShuenk IS38+ turbocharger dyno results for other cars. Collection of dyno sheets from cars using the Shuenk IS38+ turbocharger.
Modification ResearchUnderhood Temp Prep
Modification ResearchDSG TCU TuningContinuing the search for a great DSG TCU tune on my VW Mk7 GTI. With 034 Motorsport development on hold I look for other DGS tuning options.
Modification ResearchForge Motorsport Day
Modification Researchdo88 Intercooler Unboxingdo88 Performance provided their stock replacement intercooler for the Mk7 GTI for an upcoming intercooler performance evaluation. Here it’s being unboxed.
Modification ResearchForge Intercooler Delivery
Modification ResearchIC Temp Testing: Trial 2
Modification ResearchIC Temp Testing: Trial 3
Modification ResearchIC Temp Testing: Trial 4
Modification ResearchIC Temp Testing: Trial 5
Modification ResearchWagner-Tuning Intercooler SpecsWagner Tuning Competition Intercooler for VW Mk7 is measured to determine the IC core depth.
Modification ResearchProject: Bicooler Upgrade
Modification ResearchProject: Bicooler Upgrade Candidates
Modification Researchdo88 IAT Logsdo88 intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is logged when using the EQT Vortex turbocharger to evaluate the intake air temperature when in high boost.
Modification ResearchProject: Bicooler Upgrade First Round CutsTreadstone TR8L and Vibrant 12810 intercoolers, along with an ECS Tuning FMIC, are compared with one another as candidates for use as a Mk7 GTI bicooler.
Modification ResearchIE Intercooler Poor Performance ClaimIE intercooler poor performance claims are researched with an evaluation made of data showing a comparison of integrated engineering and AMS ICs.
Modification ResearchProject: Bicooler Upgrade First Direct Comparison
Modification ResearchAPR to IE Intercooler Swap
Modification ResearchIE Intercooler Claim – Part IIIClaims that the Integrated Engineering intercooler performs poorly are investigated through a data analysis of vehicle data logs.
Modification ResearchBlanket PreparationsPreparing various underhood sensors to monitor temperature and pressure of the engine compartment of my Mk7 GTI during turbo blanket testing.
Modification ResearchBicooler BluesBicooler options for the Mk7 GTI receive mixed opinions, the post looks at the facts of bicooler performance.
Modification ResearchProject Bicooler: PTE CandidatePrecision Turbo and Engine Front Mount Intercooler is flow tested and bench tested for cooling efficiency to compare with other IC options.
Modification ResearchExhaust Wrap Install On DownpipeDEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap is applied to the downpipe on my Mk7 GTI in preparation for testing to record underhood engine compartment temperatures.
Modification ResearchMore Air Scoop TestingThe air scoop for the Mk7 GTI is a modification to the grill that is supposed to allow direct cool air into the air intake system.
Modification ResearchProject Bicooler: ARM Motorsports FMICARM Motosports intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is unpackaged and prepared for installation onto my GTI for possible use as a Bicooler.
Modification ResearchIntegrated Engineering IC ComparisonIntegrated Engineering intercooler version 1 and version 2 are obtained to conduct comparison tests to see if, and how, these products differ.
Modification ResearchIntegrated Engineering V2 and V1 IC Comparison PicturesIntegrated Engineering V2 and V1 Intercoolers are compared in pictures to show differences in dimensions and construction.
Modification ResearchIntake Investigation
Modification ResearchPrecision Turbo and Engine Intercooler
Modification ResearchTreadstone TR8C IntercoolerTreadstone TR8C Intercooler is a candidate to use as part of a bicooler setup. This is a first look and flow test of the intercooler.
Modification ResearchMk7 GTI Stock IC EvaluationThe Mk7 GTI stock intercooler is compared with an aftermarket intercooler to evaluate how well the stock IC cools compared to aftermarket.
Modification ResearchTurbo BrandsList of manufacturers who supply turbochargers for the Mk7 GTI and Golf R.
Modification ResearchBicooler vs Aftermarket Stock LocationBicooler for the VW Mk7 GTI is compared with aftermarket stock location intercoolers to see if the bicooler performs worse or better versus the stock locations.
Modification ResearchStock DV versus BOVBOV versus stock DV – Aftermarket Blowoff valves are popular for the sound they make, but is the OEM Mk7 Diverter Valve best? Testing both seeks to answer that question.
Modification ResearchARM DownpipeARM Motorsport downpipe for the Mk7 GTI is obtained to conduct performance evaluations with other catted downpipes.
Modification ResearchTechnical Service Bulletin 21E7Technical Service Bulletin 21E7. On Audi A3 vehicles manufactured within a specific period the turbocharger may fail causing the MIL to illuminate.
Modification ResearchGarrett GT2260S Turbo Inlet ElbowGarrett GT2260S turbocharger for the Mk7 has a detachable turbo inlet elbow that has been measured to build a flow bench adapter for. Flow testing the Garrett TIP will be next.
Modification ResearchTurbo Muffler Delete FinaleTurbo muffler delete is compared to a stock GTI turbo muffler to determine if acceleration is improved. TMDs are also flow tested using an IS20 turbocharger.
Modification ResearchAPR Intake vs Modified Stock: Street TestAPR intake for the Mk7 is compared with a modified stock GTI airbox to evaluate acceleration performance and affect on engine parameters.
Modification ResearchSnow Guard – Water Barrier TestSnow guard for the Mk7 airbox is being tested to see if it helps to prevent water entry to the airbox and impingement of water on the air filter.
Modification ResearchIntercooler Volume and Performance CorrelationIntercooler volume is routinely referenced as a measure of how well an intercooler might perform. Using intercooler volume for this purpose is not advised.
Modification ResearchGFB DV+ advantage versus Stock DV?Go Fast Bits Diverter Valve Plus (GFB DV+) is a supplemental component for use with the Mk7 GTI stock Diverter Valve. The valve is supposed to improve performance.
Modification ResearchTPC IS38 BB Performance Claim AnalyzedTPC IS38 (Turbo Parts Canada IS38) ball-bearing turbocharger. Claims from the manufacturer are assessed if they are likely to be realized based on compressor map analysis.
Modification ResearchSnow Grate Water Barrier Test – Part 2Snow grate test for water passage to the air filter. Test goal is to determine if the grate inside the Mk7 airbox prevents water from reaching the air filter.
Modification ResearchSnow Guard Water Test – Part 3Snow guard test results after driving the GTI during rainfall spanning several days and different driving conditions. Water indicator strips are viewed.
Modification ResearchTrackslag vs ARM DP – Street DataTrackslag 4 inch downpipe for the Mk7 GTI is compared with an ARM Motorsport downpipe to evaluate how each downpipe affects GTI acceleration.
Modification ResearchMk7 GTI Stock Airbox Modification TestingMk7 GTI stock airbox is subject to modifications to try and increase the airflow through the air intake. Holes are added to learn if additional airflow is allowed.
Modification ResearchIntake Power GainsIntake power gains is a regular topic of discussion in what’s the best intake debates. Intakes don’t make power is the consensus, this post discusses a test to evaluate the claims.
Modification ResearchAMS IC Street DataAMS IC for the Mk7 GTI and Golf R is subject of street testing. Intake air temperatures from the AMS IC are compared with other aftermarket intercoolers.
Modification ResearchTube and Fin Intercooler TrendsTube and fin intercoolers for the Mk7 GTI have been the subject of flow bench testing and street driving to record intake air temperature cooling efficiency.
Modification ResearchGTI IS38 Tune Comparison IdeaExploring an idea to conduct a tune comparison of Mk7 GTI IS38 off-the-shelf tunes on a dynamometer to compare horsepower and engine variables.
Modification ResearchMk7 GTI IS38 OTS TunesOTS Tunes (off-the-shelf tunes) for the Mk7 GTI when equipped wIth an IS38 are listed. Several vendors offer IS38 OTS tunes, this post presents information I have found.
Modification ResearchBest Intercooler Search UpdateFinding the best intercooler has been an ongoing effort for a few years. The search for the best IC continues and this post is a report on the progress.
Modification ResearchECS DV Spacer and Forge BOVECS DV spacer is installed in the GTI and sounds from the cabin are recorded. The Forge BOV is then installed and recorded for comparison.
Modification ResearchTube & Fin or Bar & PlateTube & Fin or Bar & Plate design for intercoolers is an ongoing subject. Here several manufacturers of Tube & Fin designs give their thoughts on the topic.
Modification ResearchForge BOV and IE V2 Intake ComparisonIE V2 intake is compared to a Forge BOV to illustrate differences in the sound of these products during short pulls with my Mk7 GTI.
Modification ResearchIS20 vs IS38 Power ComparisonIS20 vs IS38 turbocharger horsepower and torque curves are compared. Dyno charts for several Stage 2 IS20 turbos and tuned IS38 turbos are averaged for comparison.
Modification ResearchDV Spacer Leaking InvestigatedDV spacer leaking is the subject of this post where I try one out on my GTI to see if it really causes boost issues and other leak related problems.
Modification ResearchGFB T9381 DV+Go Fast Bits T9381 DV+ is installed on my Mk7 GTI to help with measuring pre-turbocharger inlet air temperatures. The T9381 is compared to T9351 data.
Modification ResearchSutherland Performance Intake TestSutherland Performance conducted a dyno comparison of a modified stock airbox using RAMAIR components with an aftermarket intake from Blaze Performance.
Modification ResearchMGM7 Intake Development – InitialThe MGM7 intake is a project to develop an intake for my Mk7 GTI. I’ve tested a number of intakes for the Mk7 and have thought there has been room for improvement.
Modification ResearchOrlando Florida (Southeast U.S.) E85 StationsInformation about E85 gas stations in the Orlando Florida area. Stations providing Ethanol fuel at a level of E85 are shown on a Map and Table.
ModificationseBay FMIC v2 InstalledeBay Front Mounted Intercooler for the VW Mk7 GTI is installed with some minor modifications to the under tray needed. IC is configured as a twintercooler.
ModificationseBay FMIC v2 installed picseBay Front Mount Intercooler installed on my 2016 VW Mk7 GTI. Showing how hard it is to see the black FMIC core behind the bumper grill.
ModificationseBay Seller 1st-racinguk IC Fail1st-racinguk sells a “direct fit” replacement intercooler for the Mk7 GTI. I purchased one and attempted to install it finding multiple fit issues.
ModificationsCoilover Height AdjustmentAdjusting the height of ST coilovers on my Mk7 GTI posed a few challenges requiring a spanner wrench, channel locks, and oil filter wrench.
ModificationsTTRS Brake Caliper ConversionAudi TTRS Brake Calipers with Vagbremtechnic adapters are installed on a Mk7 GTI for use with 17″ SSR Competition lightweight wheels.
Modifications034 Motorsport Turbo Muffler Delete034 Motorsport Turbo Muffler Delete for the Mk7 GTI is installed on my GTI along with an RTD sensor that fits into a pre-existing port on the 034 TMD.
ModificationsShuenk IS38+ TurbochargerShuenk’s IS38+ Turbocharger is described as an OEM+ upgrade over the stock IHI IS38 found on the Mk7 Golf R. A beta IS38+ is to be evaluated on my Mk7 GTI.
ModificationsTurbo Swap In ProgressThe Shuenk OEM+ IS38 turbocharger will be installed in my Mk7 GTI to record performance data of the car when using this aftermarket turbocharger.
ModificationsShuenk IS38 Turbo First DriveBoost onset with the Shuenk OEM+ IS38 turbocharger is logged during an initial drive after swapping the turbocharger into my VW Mk7 GTI.
ModificationsWastegate First Adaptation of Charge Pressure Actuator – P2563Wastegate First Adaptation of Charge Pressure Actuator with my IS38 turbocharger with VCDS. First time adaptation and P2563 Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor Fault.
ModificationsEurodyne DSG TCU Tune Part 2Eurodyne DSG TCU tune is being datalogged to characteritze how the transmission control logic responds to driver input. The ED tune is not very responsive.
ModificationseBay bi-cooler and Unitronic intercoolereBay bi-cooler Front Mount Intercooler and Unitronic direct fit replacement intercooler being used together on my Mk7 GTI to assess intake air temperature.
ModificationsRear Performance Pack Caliper Swap Part 1The Mk7 GTI Performance Package Rear brake calipers and rotors are installed on my non-performance package GTI. Stainless steel brake lines are also installed.
ModificationsMk7 GTI PP Caliper Swap – Part 2Swapping the rear calipers and rotor discs of the Mk7 GTI performance package to my non-performance package GTI.
ModificationsShuenk Turbo DV Sandwich PlateShuenk turbo sent a diverter valve sandwich plate spacer along with a prototype turbocharger inlet elbow to have me evaluate how the parts fit on my GTI.
ModificationsAdding Fuel Pressure HeadroomThe stock high pressure fuel pump on my GTI was showing signs of not keeping up with the Shuenk IS38+ turbocharger so an HPA HPFP is to be installed.
ModificationsDyno Progress CheckShuenk IS38+ turbocharger dyno results after completing stock fueling tuning of my VW Mk7 GTI. Wheel horsepower on a Dynojet is measured with the Shuenk IS38+ turbocharger
ModificationsHPA HPFP CheckoutAn HPA High Pressure Fuel Pump is installed on my MK7 GTI to address a drop in fuel rail pressure during tuning of the Shuenk IS38+ turbocharger.
ModificationsHPA HPFP Slow Start
ModificationsOne Year Update: Shuenk IS38+ TurboSummary of the first year operating my Mk7 GTI with the Shuenk IS38+ Turbocharger. Review how the turbocharger has been operated and held up to tuning.
ModificationsUnitronic to APR Intercooler SwapThe Unitronic intercooler is removed from my Mk7 GTI to make room for the APR intercooler. Detailed performance data under conditions I am interested in will be collected.
ModificationseBay Bicooler Hose SpacereBay bicooler hoses sometimes have issue fitting to the stock GTI intercooler. This silicone sleeve is how I addressed the issue.
ModificationsIE to do88 Intercooler SwapThe Integrated Engineering intercooler is removed from my Mk7 GTI to be replaced by a do88 intercooler so that testing can continue.
ModificationsTurbo Blanket InstallInstalling a Forge turbocharger blanket on the IS38 turbocharger that my Mk7 GTI is equipped with. Testing the turbo blanket is next.
ModificationsCTS Intercooler InstallCTS stock location intercooler for the Mk7 GTI / Golf R is installed in preparation for recording street data.
ModificationsShuenk IS38+ Bearing CheckChecking the bearing play of a Shuenk IS38+ turbocharger for my VW Mk7 GTI after a year in operation. With the downpipe removed the check was good.
ModificationsEQT Custom Tuning UpdateEQT is developing a custom tune for my Shuenk IS38+ turbo equipped GTI. This post is a status update on the tuning progress with the HPA HPFP.
ModificationsIE V2 Intercooler InstallA prerequisite to recording street data is to install the Integrated Engineering v2 Intercooler on my Mk7 GTI.
ModificationsARM FMIC BicooledARM Motorsport front mounted intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is setup to work as a bicooler with the stock GTI intercooler.
ModificationsEthanol Mix TimeEthanol E30 tune transition process to pump gas and watching the change in mixture ratios over time is the point of discussion in this post.
ModificationsBicooler SwapIntegrated Engineering v1 intercooler is paired with a Majesty FMIC in a bicooler arrangement.
ModificationsFuel-It! Ethanol Content AnalyzerInstall of the Fuel-It! Ethanol Content Analyzer is part of the preparation for Stratified ECU tuning
ModificationsShuenk IS38+ 2 years in serviceShuenk IS38+ turbocharger passes two years in operation on my Mk7 GTI supporting various test activities and a dyno session as well as 93 octane and E30 tuning.
ModificationsApex Wheel ArrivalApex wheels for the Mk7 GTI are delivered at the conclusion of a group buy that is the culmination of a two year development effort.
ModificationsBaun Performance MidpipeBaun Performance mid-pipe with AWE fitment is ordered for my GTI to help support downpipe testing. Baun Performance was able to ship this mid-pipe quickly.
ModificationsAMS IC InstallAMS IC for the Mk7 GTI is acquired to conduct street testing with in order to measure data that can be compared with other aftermarket intercoolers.
ModificationsShuenk IS38+ 3 Year UpdateShuenk IS38+ turbocharger for the Mk7 GTI was installed on my GTI three years ago. This post is a progress check on how the turbo is holding up.
ModificationsMabotech M520H Turbocharger SwapThe Mabotech M520H turbocharger is swapped onto my Mk7 GTI after using a Shuenk IS38+ turbocharger for testing over the past four years.
ModificationsFluidampr InstallFluidampr for the Mk7 GTI is installed on my car and the effect on noise and vibration is measured to see if any improvement is detectable..
ModificationsMabotech M520H – Round 1Tuning progress with the Mabotech M520H turbocharger that was recently swapped into my Mk7 GTI after removing a Shuenk IS38+ turbocharger.
ModificationsBicooler FMIC Temperature ContributionA new biccoler combination includes a Neuspeed FMIC for the IS38 Equipped VW Golf R. This FMIC is installed along with an AMS stock location intercooler.
Modifications034 Motorsport Density Line Mount Installation034 Motorsport density line engine and transmission mounts are installed on the MK7 GTI and noise and vibration are compared with BFI Stage 1 mounts.
PollTransmission Poll
PollPoll: Turbocharger SizePoll inquiring about the size of turbocharger the owner is operating their car with.
PollPoll: IS20 Turbocharger TunePoll to see what tune level owners have on the Mk7 GTI. Options are Stock Tune, Stage 1, Stage 2, or something else.
Quick AnalysisMetal or Plastic Turbo Inlet PipingA back of the envelope analysis of the affect that material type of inlet piping might have on the air that is flowing through the Turbo Inlet Pipe.
Quick AnalysisMk7 GTI Majesty FMICEvaluating the dimensions of a Majesty Front Mount Intercooler (FMIC) for the VW Mk7 GTI and making a comparison with the Mabotech FMIC.
Quick AnalysiseBay Intercooler for Mk7 GTIMeasuring the dimensions and internal volume of an eBay sourced stock location intercooler for the Mk7 GTI.
Quick AnalysisIE Intercooler Pressure Drop AnalysisIntegrated Engineering Mk7 GTI and Golf R intercooler is compared with a stock Golf R intercooler for differences in pressure drop.
Quick AnalysisVibrant Baun Performance FMIC Flow AnalysisThe Vibrant Performance Intercooler core is the product featured in the GTI-Jake FMIC for the Mk7 GTI. An analysis of the claimed air flow is performed.
Quick AnalysisDragy Time Result Resolution
Quick AnalysisIE Intercooler Claim – Part2The Integrated Engineering intercooler cooling performance of a hybrid turbocharger output air is evaluated by analysis against expected performance.
Quick AnalysisIC Temperature Drop LogIntercooler charge air temperature drop is measured by a temperature sensor located in the cold side charge pipe and the GTI IAT sensor.
Quick AnalysisAnalysis: Burger Motorsports IntercoolerBurger Motorsports Intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is analyzed on the basis of cooling performance against the Integrated Engineering intercooler.
Quick AnalysisTurbocharger Intake TemperaturesTurbocharger Intake Temperatures are investigated for an affect on turbocharger wastegate duty cycle versus pressure drop from intercooling.
Quick AnalysisFMIC Hurts AC PerformanceFrount mounted intercoolers degrade air conditioning system performance is a claim that is tested by measuring the air temperature between the two parts.
Quick AnalysisTemperature, Pressure, and WorkLooking at temperature changes caused by the Injen intake with a partition and the ARM FMIC combined with the stock IC as a bicooler.
Quick AnalysisDBV2 Charge Pipes – Part 2
Quick AnalysisHood ClearanceHood to grill clearance is a source of concern to owners seeking to modify their GTI intake for maximum airlfow. Play-Doh answers the question.
Quick AnalysisIs the modified stock airbox as good as aftermarket?Comparing the flow performance of a modified stock airbox with drop in filter against an aftermarket intake with different turbocharger configurations.
Quick AnalysisSub-Ambient IATSub-ambient intake air temperature is possible under the proper conditions. Understanding what these are can help to properly interpret Cobb Accessport data.
Quick AnalysisContact Patch DeterminationWhat size is the Mk7 GTI stock Austin wheel contact patch? Traction issues led to an investigation to calculate the contact patch size on my GTI.
Quick AnalysisDemographics Poll: Power SetupPoll to gauge the power level of enthusiasts who visit this website and some of the Mk7 GTI, Golf R, and Sportwagen enthusiast groups.
Quick AnalysisDragy vs Cobb APDragy GPS acceleration meter is compared with the Cobb Accessport to see how well the Cobb generated engine speed data compares with GPS based vehicle speed.
Quick AnalysisMk7 GTI Oil Pressure LoggingAn oil pressure gauge was installed in my GTI and I have connected the pressure sender signal to a data logger to observe trends in the oil pressure while driving.
Quick AnalysisOil Pressure – ContinuedContinuing to log oil pressure with my Mk7 GTI to understand how the oil pressure is varied by the engine computer under different operating conditions.
Quick AnalysisIntake Dyno Test – AnalysisIntake dyno test was done using a number of Mk7 aftermarket intakes along with the stock airbox to measure changes in horsepower and torque.
Quick AnalysisCobb Tune – OTS IS38 GTICobb tune for the Mk7 GTI with an IS38 is installed on my Mk7 to record performance data. Figures are compared with a customer EQT tune.
Quick AnalysisIS38 using IS20 TuneUsing an IS20 tune with an IS38 turbocharger is the focus of this experiment to see what the results are. Regular driving and hard acceleration are test conditions.
Quick AnalysisStock IC Power Drop EstimatesStock IC for the Mk7 GTI is assessed to see how well the intercooler cools intake air temperatures during a series of third gear pulls.
Quick AnalysisModified Stock Intake vs EventuriThe stock intake is modified and compared with an Eventuri aftermarket intake to compare air flow rates and wheel horsepower estimates during street pulls.
Quick AnalysisDSG Shift Time AnalysisShift time of different DSG tunes is considered a reason to select one tune over another. This post looks at DSG shifting times to find what the difference might be.
Quick AnalysisTurbo Muffler Delete – Boost OnsetTurbo muffler delete, or TMD, is occassionally promoted by enthusiasts and vendors as improving turbo spool time. This post presents an analysis of turbo spool data.
Quick AnalysisAnalysis: Blaze Intake “Real World” DataBlaze ATOM intake for the Mk7 is compared with a Racingline R600 intake by an enthusiast. Claims regarding differences are analyzed.
Quick AnalysisTurbo Outlet Temperature vs BoostTurbo outlet temperature from an IS38 turbocharger being operated at eighteen psi and at twenty-eight psi is compared.
Quick AnalysisDynojet and Virtual Dyno ComparedVirtual dyno application is used to estimate wheel horsepower on the street and the results are compared to Dynojet readings made with the same Mk7 GTI.
Quick AnalysisGFB DV+ Counterfeit AnalysisGFB DV+ genuine diverter product is compared with a counterfeit DV+ product to illustrate performance differences between genuine and fake products.
Quick AnalysisOpen vs Closed Intake Turbo Outlet Air TemperatureThe effect of turbocharger intake air temperature on the compressor outlet temperature is discussed after noticing abnormally higher compressor outlet air temperatures.
Quick AnalysisCTS Turbo TIP Numerical ComparisonCTS Turbo turbocharger inlet elbow dimensions are reviewed and assessed against recent test results for the Blaze Performance Intake and Racingline R600.
Quick AnalysisTurbo Inlet Air Temperature SpikeThe air temperature inside the air intake during boost pressure discharge is analyzed to understand possible causes for the phenomena.
Quick AnalysisLogging Acceleration: Dragy vs AccessportDragy and Cobb Accessport measurements of vehicle acceleration are compared to evaluate how similar the devices are when recording this value.
Quick AnalysisBicooler or Stock Location IntercoolerBicooler and stock location aftermarket intercooler data is compared to see how the average temperatures compare. Results are inconclusive.
Quick Analysis|Testing>AirflowRacingLine Performance Inlet Elbow AnalysisRacingLine Performance VRW Turbo 90 Inlet elbow flow results are analyzed to compare with TIP ranking results and vendor results from APR and Unitronic.
Quick Analysis|Testing>TemperatureShuenk IS38+ Boost and TempsShuenk IS38+ Turbocharger is logged to record intercooler outlet temperature and compare with the GTI reported intake air temperature.
TestingDragy DataloggerDragy datalogger is offered through Burger Motorsport and with a low price compared to VBOX and GTech I decided to give the product a try.
TestingeBay FMIC Flow TesteBay Front Mount Intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is put on the flow bench to determine how airflow compares with other Mk7 GTI Intercoolers.
TestingMk7 Intercooler: Stock vs UnitronicUnitronic’s intercooler is compared with the stock GTI intercooler to determine how the two stack up with respect to cooling efficiency and airflow.
TestingARM FMIC Street DataARM Motorsports Front Mounted Intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is installed and measured for cooling and pressure drop performance in operation.
TestingCatted vs Catless Downpipe vDyno ComparisonARM catless downpipe is compared with a Trackslag catted downpipe using street acceleration data to find wheel horsepower and wheel torque.
TestingCatted vs Catless DP – Part 2A catless ARMMotorsports downpipe is compared with an ARM catted downpipe to learn if estimated wheel horsepower changes with the use of a catless downpipe.
TestingShuenk IS38+ Dyno – HPA HPFP on 93Shuenk IS38+ dyno is made with an HPA high pressure fuel pump and using 93 octane fuel. This dyno is a final check of the custom 93 tune from EQT.
TestingShuenk IS38+ E30 DynoE30 tune for my Mk7 GTI is dyno’d using an IS38 turbocharger and compared with a 93-octane tune to see how horsepower and torque compare.
TestingARM Bicooler Street DataARM bicooler is an intercooler option for the Mk7 that utilizes special IC hoses to convert the ARM Motorsports FMIC into a Bicooler. Street data with this IC is presented.
TestingStock Exhaust Street TestThe stock exhaust from the Mk7 GTI is compared with an aftermarket exhaust by conducting a number of street pulls with each exhaust to compare data.
TestingShuenk IS38++ Speed TestA modified Shuenk IS38 turbocharger is installed in my Mk7 GTI for the purposes of recording compressor rotation speed during operation at IS38 boost pressure.
Testing034 Street Density vs BFI Stage 1 – Vibration034 Street Density mounts and BFI Stage 1 mounts are compared to see how vibration resulting from each set of mounts compares on a Mk7 GTI and Golf R.
Testing>AirflowStock Airbox ModificationA Stock Airbox modification is made to a Mk7 GTI airbox to determine how airflow amount is changed and if improvements result by removing the Snow Guard.
Testing>AirflowaFe Magnum Flow Pro Dry S Air FilterContinuing to try and improve airflow through the Mk7 GTI stock airbox by testing the Magnum Flow Pro Dry S Air Filter for Mk7 GTI on the flowbench.
Testing>AirflowTurbocharger Inlet Pipe Airflow TestAirflow test involving the Mk7 GTI stock Turbocharger Inlet Pipe with two different coupler hoses to evaluate the affect that coupler shape has on airflow.
Testing>AirflowStock Airbox with Stock TIPAirlfow through the Mk7 GTI stock intake comprising the stock airbox, accordion hose, and turbocharger intake pipe is measured on the flowbench.
Testing>AirflowAPR Intake Airflow TestAPR Carbon Fiber Intake for the Mk7 GTI is placed on the flowbench to measure the amount of airflow through the aftermarket intake part.
Testing>AirflowAPR Intake with Stock Turbocharger Inlet PipeAPR Carbon Fiber Intake is tested with the Stock Mk7 GTI Turbocharger Inlet Pipe to evalaue airflow through the intake components.
Testing>AirflowAPR Intake with APR Turbo Inlet PipeAPR Carbon Fiber Airbox is flow tested along with the APR Turbocharger Inlet Pipe to compare with results obtained when measuring the same airbox with Stock TIP.
Testing>AirflowMk7 GTI Turbo Inlet Pipe EvaluationAPR Carbon Fiber Airbox and APR Turbocharger Inlet Pipe are compared with the Mk7 GTI stock airbox with aFe Dryflow filter and stock GTI turbo inlet pipe.
Testing>AirfloweBay DF Flow TestFlow test is conducted using an eBay direct fit intercooler for the Mk7 GTI. Results of the airflow test from the flowbench are compared with other ICs.
Testing>AirflowTIP Ranking Round 1Turbocharger inlet pipes for the Mk7 GTI MQB engine are undergoing testing on a flow bench to rank the airflow performance of the provided products.
Testing>AirflowTIP Ranking Round 2Turbocharger Inlet Pipes for the Mk7 GTI and Golf R are evaluated on a flowbench for airflow performance and compared to one another.
Testing>AirflowTIP Ranking Test ChangeTurbo inlet pipe ranking results thus far lead to changes in the test methodology to try and better represent IS20 and IS38 turbocharger inlet dimensions.
Testing>AirflowTIP Ranking Round 3Turbocharge Inlet Pipes from APR, Burger, CTS, Induct, Leyo, MST, Neuspeed, Unitronic are flow tested and compared for maximum airflow measured.
Testing>AirflowAPR Carbon Fiber “Hose”The APR Carbon Fiber Inlet Hose that replaces the stock accordion hose on the Mk7 GTI MQB engine is tested for affect on maximum airflow through the TIP.
Testing>AirflowInduct Performance Intake System Flow TestInduct Performance Air Intake System and Turbo Inlet Pipe are tested using a flow bench to evaluate any changes compared to stock Mk7 GTI intake parts.
Testing>AirflowAPR Naked Airbox Flow Test
Testing>AirflowMST Performance Inlet Elbow v2
Testing>AirflowMore Stock Airbox Work – Duct TestModification to the plastic channel that leads into the airbox is a common change made to the Mk7 GTI and Golf R intakes. This modification is flow tested.
Testing>AirflowMk7 Inlet Elbow Large Bore Adapter TestA larger bore adapter is used to connect Mk7 GTI Turbo Inlet Elbows to a flow bench to measure airflow performance versus a stock IS20 size adapter.
Testing>AirflowAirflow Velocity Uniformity Check – Part OneTurbo inlet elbow airflow velocity at the product outlet is evaluated for uniformityon products from APR, Unitronic, Frankenturbo and Burger Motorsports.
Testing>AirflowAirflow Velocity Uniformity Check – Part IITurbocharger Inlet Elbows for the VW Mk7 GTI are tested on the flow bench to evaluate how uniform teh airflow exiting the elbow is.
Testing>AirflowAPR CF Inlet Pipe Airflow TestThe APR Carbon Fiber Inlet Pipe is evaluated on the flowbench to determine if airflow changes compared to the stock Mk7 GTI accordion intake pipe.
Testing>AirflowMk7 GTI Stock Intercooler Flow TestFlow bench testing of the Mk7 GTI Stock Intercooler to measure airflow rates and compare with other available intercoolers.
Testing>AirflowIntegrated Engineering Cold Air Intake Airflow TestIntegrated Engineering Cold Air Intake for the Mk7 is measured on the flowbench to determine the airflow through the intake compared with a stock Mk7 GTI
Testing>AirflowMk7 GTI Stock Airbox Airflow BaselineSearching for the best air intake for the Mk7 GTI involves measuring the stock air intake system along with various aftermarket options.
Testing>AirflowS&B Cold Air Intake Flow TestS&B Filter Cold Air Intake is flow tested as part of the search for the best Mk7 GTI intake. Flow results of the S&B Intake are compared to other intakes.
Testing>AirflowTurbo Muffler Delete TestingTurbo muffler delete is a common modification of the Mk7 GTI, but does a turbo muffler delete provide the performance gains claimed by vendors?
Testing>AirflowGTI IC plus eBay FMIC Flow Testebay FMIC for the Mk7 GTI is combined with a stock GTI intercooler and the combination is flow tested to find the change in airflow versus the GTI alone.
Testing>AirflowAPR Carbon Fiber Intake RetestAPR Carbon Fiber Intake and Turbo Inlet Pipe are returned to the flow bench for airflow testing using an adapter to simulate the IS20 and IS38 turbochargers
Testing>AirflowRacingline VWR R600 Cold Air Intake Flow TestRacingline VWR R600 Cold Air Intake system for the Mk7 GTI is placed on the flow bench to determine airflow compared with other Mk7 GTI airbox options.
Testing>AirflowRacingline R600 with MST Performance Replacement FilterRacingline R600 Intake airbox with MST Performance replacement Air Filter is put on the flowbench to compare the foam filter with fabric replacement.
Testing>AirflowNeuspeed IS38 FMIC Flow TestNeuspeed IS38 FMIC for the Mk7 GTI is installed on the flow bench to determine how much airflow this stand alone front mount intercooler flows.
Testing>AirflowMST Performance Intake Parts AnalysisMST Performance Intake Components are paired with the Racingline R600 airbox to measure airflow through different inlet elbow options and turbo compressors.
Testing>AirflowEventuri Intake Flow TestEventuri’s Carbon Fiber Intake for the VW Golf Mk7 GTI and R is placed on the flow bench to measure the airflow through the intake.
Testing>AirflowIntegrated Engineering Turbo Muffler vs StockIntegrated Engineering Turbo Muffler is tested on the flow bench for airflow versus a stock Mk7 GTI turbo outlet muffler.
Testing>AirflowUltimate Mk7 GTI Air IntakeThe Mk7 GTI air intake system is modified with aftermarket parts to compare airflow with top performing aftermarket cold air intakes.
Testing>AirflowAPR Intercooler Airflow MeasurementAPRs Mk7 GTI intercooler is mounted to the flow bench to record airflow through the intercooler charge air path. Airflow results are compared to other ICs.
Testing>AirflowMk7 GTI Charge Pipe EvaluationMk7 GTI aftermarket charge pipes are advertised to increase airflow. Several charge pipe options are flow tested and compared versus stock GTI charge pipes.
Testing>AirflowStock Airbox-Filter with MST PartsA Stock Mk7 GTI Airbox and Stock Air Filter are flow tested along with with MST Performance Intake Parts to compare airflow with the aFe air filter.
Testing>AirflowLT Motorsport FMIC Flow TestLT Motorsport sells a FMIC for the Mk7 GTI. One of these intercoolers is attached to the flow bench to measure airflow compared to other intercoolers.
Testing>AirfloweBay DF with eBay FMIC Bicooler Flow TesteBay direct replacement intercooler and eBay FMIC configured as a Bicooler are attached to the flow bench for airflow testing.
Testing>AirflowAir Scoop Airflow TestThe air scoop for the Mk7 GTI is installed to test if pre-turbocharger pressure drop is changed with the presence of the scoop in the GTI grill.
Testing>AirflowAir Scoop Throttle ResponseA Mk7 GTI air scoop is run through a throttle response test to determine if the scoop has an affect on the throttle response.
Testing>AirflowMST Performance Intake System Flow TestMST Performance Mk7 GTI Intake System undergoes flow bench testing to compare airflow values with other cold air intakes for the Mk7 GTI.
Testing>AirflowTurbo Intake Hose Flow TestVWR Intake hose versus the Stock Mk7 GTI intake hose in a flow test comparison using a Turbo Inlet Pipe simulator and direct to flow bench.
Testing>Airflow034 Motorsport Turbo Inlet Elbow034 Motorsport provides an aftermarket turbocharger inlet elbow for the Mk7 GTI. A sample TIP was provided to take part in an airflow test.
Testing>AirflowIE Turbo Inlet ElbowA Integrated Engineering Turbocharger Inlet Elbow for the Mk7 GTI has been received from IE to conduct flow bench airflow testing with.
Testing>AirflowDBV2 Turbo Inlet ElbowDBV2 manufacturers an aftermarket turbocharger inlet elbow for the Mk7 GTI. DBV2 provided one to take part in air flow testing with other intake pipes.
Testing>AirflowTurbo Inlet Pipe Test Second WaveTurbocharger inlet elbows from 034 Motorsport, Integrated Engineering, and DBV2 are measured on the flow bench and compared with MST Performance.
Testing>AirflowInlet Elbow Flow Test Round Two – Large AdapterAdditional airflow testing of the DBV2, Integrated Engineering, 034 Motorsport, and MST Performance inlet elbows on a flow bench with a large adapter.
Testing>AirflowAPR DF plus eBay Front Mount Intercooler Flow Test
Testing>Airflow034 and IE Elbow Velocity Investigation034 Motorsport and Integrated Engineering Turbo Inlet Pipes are flow tested to evaluate velocity uniformity exiting the turbo elbow outlets.
Testing>AirflowTIP Adapter Flow TestAdapters used during turbocharger inlet pipe airflow testing are checked for maximum airflow values without inlet elbows being attached.
Testing>AirflowUnitronic IC Flow TestUnitronic Mk7 GTI stock location intercooler is flow tested to measure airflow and pressure drop across the intercooler and compared with other Mk7 GTI intercoolers.
Testing>AirflowRam Air Test Preparations
Testing>AirflowAirflow Testing “Open” IntakesSome candidates for the “open” intake category are tested to see how their airflow performance compares when tested on the flow bench.
Testing>AirflowRam Air Results
Testing>AirflowRam Air Part II
Testing>AirflowForge Motorsport Turbo Inlet Pipe Flow TestForge Motorsport supplied me with several of their parts for the Mk7 GTI to include the Forge Turbo Inlet Pipe. Flow testing is performed with the part.
Testing>AirflowForge TIP Flow Test Part 2Forge Motorsport Turbo Inlet Pipe is hooked up to a flow bench using a large adapter to measure airflow through the elbow and a Forge silicone intake hose.
Testing>AirflowForge Motorsport Intake Flow Test
Testing>AirflowFact or fiction: Stock Airbox
Testing>AirflowForge Motorsport Bicooler Flow TestForge Motorsport Bicooler is taken to the flow bench to measure airflow readings of the intercooler standalone and along with the stock Mk7 GTI intercooler.
Testing>Airflow034 Cold Air Intake Flow Test
Testing>Airflowdo88 Intercooler Flow Testdo88 intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is tested on a flow bench for pressure drop performance and airflow then compared to other stock location intercoolers.
Testing>AirflowForge Intercooler Flow TestThe Forge stock location intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is subject of a flow test to measure pressure drop across this aftermarket intercooler
Testing>AirflowMishimoto Intercooler Flow TestMishimoto stock location intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is flow bench tested to measure airflow and pressure drop and compare with aftermarket intercoolers.
Testing>AirflowVibrant 12810 Intercooler Flow TestThe Vibrant Performance 12810 Intercooler is offered for use on the Mk7 GTI by JD Eurosport and Baun Performance. The Vibrant intercooler is flow tested.
Testing>AirflowAMS Performance Intercooler Flow TestAMS performance intercooler undergoes flowbench airflow testing to compare pressure drop versus other intercoolers available for the Mk7 GTI.
Testing>AirflowUSP Tear-Duct Intake Airflow Test
Testing>AirflowStock Charge Pipe Airflow – Part 2
Testing>AirflowRevo Turbo Inlet Hose Flow Test
Testing>AirflowSnow Guard Flow Test Part 2The snow guard grate installed in the Mk7 GTI stock airbox is removed to test airflow with an aFe filter and MST inlet hose and turbo inlet pipe.
Testing>AirflowIntegrated Engineering Flow TestIntegrated Engineering intercooler for the Mk7 GTI and Golf R is flow tested and compared with other aftermarket intercoolers available for the Mk7 GTI.
Testing>AirflowMST vs Stock Inlet ElbowsMST Performance and Stock Mk7 GTI Turbo Inlet Elbows are compared using a stock airbox with aFe filter and aftermarket turbo inlet hoses.
Testing>Airflow034 Carbon Fiber Intake Flow Test034 Carbon Fiber Intake for the Mk7 GTI is subject of a flow bench airflow test comparing it with other aftermarket intakes.
Testing>AirflowSXTH Element Turbo Inlet Elbow Flow TestSXTH Element Engineering sent a Turbo Inlet Elbow and Turbo Inlet Pipe for the Mk7 GTI to have air flow testing performed to compare to other TIPs.
Testing>AirflowCTS Stock Location IC Flow TestCTS stock location intercooler for Mk7 GTI is flow tested to evaluate pressure drop against other aftermarket intercoolers available for the GTI.
Testing>AirflowAPR Intake with MST Hose and TIPAPR Carbon Fiber Mk7 Intake is modified with AEM air filter and MST inlet hose and turbo inlet pipe to determine affect on airflow.
Testing>AirflowFlow Test vs Vehicle Pressure DropFlow bench flow test data for several intercoolers is compared with vehicle operating pressure drop readings to assess how well they compare.
Testing>AirflowARM Motorsports FMIC Flow TestARM Motorsports Front Mount Intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is flow tested on the flow bench and airflow readings compared with other FMICs.
Testing>AirflowNeuspeed Re-doNeuspeed’s Mk7 GTI / R Frount Mount Intercooler is tested again for airflow readings in preparation for on-vehicle pressure drop testing.
Testing>AirflowInjen Mk7 Intake Flow TestInjen Mk7 intake is tested for airflow performance and the receives a small modification to the coupler to check for airflow changes.
Testing>AirflowIntegrated Engineering V2 Intercooler Flow TestIntegrated Engineering V2 Intercooler Flow Test. The IE revised Mk7 intercooler is the subject of an airflow test.
Testing>AirflowDBV2 Charge Pipe Flow TestingDBV2 Charge Pipes and Stock GTI Charge Pipes are flow tested to compare pressure drop across full pipes and individual pipes.
Testing>AirflowMk7 Intake Manifold Flow TestMk7 GTI Intake Manifold is subject of a flow bench flow test. Individual runner and combined airflow is measured.
Testing>AirflowTreadstone TR8C Flow Test 2
Testing>AirflowRacingline R600 Cotton Filter Flow TestRacingline R600 Cotton Air Filter for the Mk7 GTI is subject of an air flow test and compared with other aftermarket intakes.
Testing>AirflowEventuri with MST inlet hoseEventuri intake is flow tested using an MST inlet hose and TIP to compare to previous results with a Racingline hose
Testing>AirflowDownpipe Flow TestStock Mk7 GTI downpipe and the USP Motorsport downpipe are subjects of a flow test to evaluate how they compare.
Testing>AirflowCTS Turbo Intake Flow TestCTS Turbo 3.5″ Intake for the Mk7 GTI is attached to a flow bench to measure airflow and compare to other GTI intakes.
Testing>AirflowCTS Intake Flow Test – Part 2CTS Turbo 3.5″ Intake for the Mk7 GTI is modified with a larger silicone adapter to fit the MST inlet elbow.
Testing>AirflowWagner Tuning Intercooler Flow TestWagner Tuning Competition intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is subject of an airflow / pressure drop flow bench test and compared with aftermarket intercoolers.
Testing>AirflowMk7 Exhaust Flow TestMk7 GTI full turboback exhaust with CTS turbo downpipe, catalytic converter, vibrant resonator, magnaflow muffler, and AWE track exhaust is flow tested.
Testing>AirflowaFe Power Charge Pipe Airflow Test – Part IaFe Power BladeRunner charge air pipes for the Mk7 GTI are flow tested to compare flow performance with the stock Mk7 GTI charge air pipes.
Testing>Airflowdo88 Turbo Inlet Elbow Flow Testdo88 Turbo Inlet Pipe for the Mk7 GTI is flow tested to determine airflow and compare the results with other aftermarket turbo inlet elbows.
Testing>AirflowMk7 GTI Stock Exhaust Flow TestThe Mk7 GTI stock exhaust is flow tested and compared with an aftermarket exhaust to compare the flow rates measured when paired with a Trackslag downpipe.
Testing>AirflowCTS 3.5″ Downpipe Flow TestCTS Turbo 3.5″ Cast Downpipe for the Mk7 GTI is subject of a flowbench flow test to measure airflow through the downpipe using different configurations.
Testing>AirflowARM Motorsport Downpipe Flow TestARM Motorsport catted downpipe is subject of a flow test to measure the airflow through the downpipe and compare with other MK7 downpipes.
Testing>Airflowdo88 Intake System Flow Testdo88 intake system for the mk7 gti is flow tested to determine the airflow through a fully assembled intake. The do88 airbox is also compared to do88 test results.
Testing>AirflowMore Mk7 Turbo Muffler Delete Flow TestingMk7 Turbo muffler deletes (TMD) sold for the GTI are tested on the flow bench to compare how aftermarket turbo muffler deletes compare with the stock turbo muffler.
Testing>Airflow034 Motorsport “Insuction Bundle” Air Intake Kit034 Motorsport Insuction Bundle air intake kit for the Mk7 GTI is subject of a flow test and compared with the MST Performance turbo inlet kit and aFe air filter.
Testing>AirflowTrackslag Downpipe Flow TestTrackslag Mk7 downpipe is flow tested to compare with other aftermarket downpipes. The 4″ Trackslag catted downpipe is compared with ARM Motorsport and CTS Turbo.
Testing>AirflowAPR PEX Intake Flow TestAPR PEX open intake review including flow tests of the intake and comparison with other aftermarket performance intakes. APR intake is combined with other parts.
Testing>AirflowVargas Charge Pipe TestVargas Turbo Technologies charge pipes for the Mk7 GTI and Golf R are flow tested and compared to the stock GTI charge pipes to evaluate airflow gains.
Testing>AirflowTurbo Inlet Hose Flow TestTurbo inlet hose flow test is performed to compare aftermarket inlet hoses with the stock Mk7 GTI inlet hose for flow performance.
Testing>AirflowaFe Power Charge Pipe Flow Test – Part 2aFe Power Charge Pipe Kit with Turbo Muffler Delete for the Mk7 GTI is the subject of a flow bench flow test. The airflow measurements are compared to other aftermarket options.
Testing>AirflowARM Motorsport Cat-less DP Flow TestARM Motorsport provided a sample of their Mk7 cat-less downpipe to conduct a flow test with. Results are compared with the stock GTI downpipe.
Testing>AirflowStock Airbox Chamber Flow TestThe airbox chamber at the back of the Mk7 GTI stock airbox is tested to determine if the chamber has an effect on the airflow through the stock airbox.
Testing>AirflowAir Duct Flow Testing – ContinuedMk7 GTI air duct is subject of a flow test to determine how different configurations of the air duct affect airflow into the stock airbox.
Testing>AirflowAftermarket Intake Manifold Flow TestAn aftermarket intake manifold flow test was peformed using a prototype Mk7 intake manifold and the results were compared with the Mk7 GTI stock intake manifold.
Testing>AirflowIntercooler External AirflowIntercooler external airflow for several stock location and FMIC intercoolers for the Mk7 GTI are flow tested to help gauge impact on radiator performance.
Testing>AirflowIC External Airflow – Baun & ARMExternal airflow is measured using a flow bench through an ARM Motorsport FMIC and Vibrant Baun Performance intercooler to compare with other intercoolers for the Mk7 GTI.
Testing>AirflowGolf R IC Flow TestGolf R IC is subject to flow testing to measure external cooling airflow and pressure drop across the intercooler. Comparison is made with GTI and aftermarket ICs.
Testing>AirflowRacingline Intercooler Flow TestRacingline intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is subject to a flow test using a flow bench. Airflow readings are compared with other stock location aftermarket intercoolers.
Testing>AirflowHPA Intercooler Flow TestingHPA intercooler for the Mk7 is flow tested to measure the airflow through the external and internal fins to compare with other aftermarket intercoolers.
Testing>AirflowAMS IC External Airflow TestAMS IC for the Mk7 is subject in an external airflow test. External airflow may impact radiator cooling capacity and this test helps to rank products in this measure.
Testing>AirflowAPR IC External Airflow TestingAPR IC for the Mk7 GTI is the subject of an external airflow test to measure airflow through the cooling fins. Airflow is compared with other aftermarket intercoolers.
Testing>AirflowECS Tuning FMIC Flow TestECS Tuning front mounted intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is subject to flow testing. The ECS FMIC was measured for internal pressure drop and external airflow.
Testing>AirflowG-Plus Bicooler Flow TestG-Plus intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is subject to airflow testing of external fins and interior pressure drop. The G-Plus as a bicooler is also flow tested.
Testing>AirflowMabotech Intercooler Flow TestMabotech intercooler for the Mk7 is subject of flow testing to determine pressure drop through the core and external cooling support of the radiator.
Testing>AirflowMabotech Bicooler Flow TestMabotech bicooler intercooler for the Mk7 is subject to a flow bench flow test to measure the airflow rate through the intercooler to compare with other aftermarket products.
Testing>AirflowBlaze Performance Turbo Inlet Pipe Flow TestBlaze Performance manufactures a turbo inlet pipe for the Mk7 GTI. A flow test of the Blaze TIP is performed to measure airflow and compare to other aftermarket TIPs.
Testing>AirflowBlaze Performance ATOM Race V1 Flow TestATOM Race V1 intake from Blaze Performance is subject of a flow test. Left and right hand drive intakes are tested and compared with other aftermarket intakes.
Testing>AirflowBlaze ATOM V2 and Racingline R600Blaze ATOM v2 induction kit is flow tested and compared with airflow measurements from other intake options available for the Mk7 GTI.
Testing>AirflowMishimoto TIP Flow TestMishimoto TIP (turbo inlet pipe) is flow tested with a stock Mk7 accordion hose and an aftermarket hose to compare flow results with other inlet elbows.
Testing>AirflowMishimoto Intake Flow TestMishimoto intake for the Mk7 GTI is the subject of an airflow test to measure airflow through the intake and compare the flow rate with other aftermarket intakes.
Testing>AirflowMabotech Intake Manifold Flow TestMabotech intake manifold for the Mk7 is subject of a flow test to compare airflow measurements with the stock Mk7 GTI intake manifold.
Testing>AirflowBlaze Intake Flange InsertBlaze intake has an optional turbo flange insert for use with IHI turbos. The effect of the turbo flange on airflow is measured and compared with other intakes.
Testing>AirflowPTS Flow BenchPTS Design flow bench is discussed to address the motivation for building the flow bench and to review the capabilities and components of the flow bench.
Testing>AirflowIE V2 Intake Flow TestIE V2 intake for the Mk7 GTI is the subject of a flow test to measure the airflow and compare the results with other aftermarket air intakes for the Mk7 GTI.
Testing>AirflowCTS FMIC Flow TestCTS FMIC for the Mk7 GTI is subject of an airflow test. The CTS front mount intercooler flow rate is compared with other Mk7 aftermarket intercooolers.
Testing>AirflowIntake Testing for Hybrid TurbosHybrid-optimized intake setups are the subject of this flow test and review. CTS Turbo, Racingline, Mishimoto, Blaze Performance, and DBV2 flow rates are compared.
Testing>AirflowPanel Air Filter Flow TestPanel air filters for the Mk7 GTI are measured using a flow bench to determine how air flow rates compare between the stock air filter and aftermarket options.
Testing>AirflowModified Stock Airbox Hybrid AirflowMk7 GTI stock airbox is modified for use with a hybrid turbocharger and airflow through the modified system is compared with aftermarket intakes.
Testing>AirflowBaun Performance DP Flow Test
Testing>AirflowMk7 GTI Radiator External Fin Flow TestMk7 GTI Radiator is put on a flow bench to measure the airflow rate through the external fins. The stock GTI radiator is that first that I have flow tested.
Testing>AirflowMore Modified Stock Airbox TestingModified stock Mk7 intake is combined with 034 Motorsport insuction bundle parts for a flow test and comparison with Blaze Performance ATOM V2 intake.
Testing>AirflowCTS Turbo Inlet Elbow Flow TestCTS Turbo inlet elbow is flow tested and the results are compared with other turbo inlet elbows for the IHI turbocharger. The CTS TIP is also compared with a DBV2.
Testing>AirflowMabotech IC Hose V2 Flow TestMabotech stock location intercooler silicone hoses were previously flow tested. A new design is available, and these new parts are now being flow tested.
Testing>AirflowAPR PEX Flow Test – Part 2The APR PEX intake is the subject of a flow test using a hybrid style adapter to see how the flow performance compares with other hybrid optimized intakes.
Testing>AirflowK&N Typhoon Intake Flow TestK&N Typhoon intake for the Mk7 GTI is subject of an airflow test. The K&N Typhoon flow results are compared with other aftermarket intakes.
Testing>AirflowCSF Radiator External Airflow TestCSF Radiator for the Mk7 GTI is subject of an external fin flow test to compare the flow measurement with the stock Mk7 GTI radiator.
Testing>AirflowMore Ram Air Testing
Testing>AirflowTrackslag Catless Downpipe Flow TestTrackslag 4″ downpipe for the Mk7 is flow tested in the catless option. Airflow rates are compared with the Trackslag catted downpipe and other aftermarket DPs.
Testing>Airflow|Modification ResearchR600 Intake Flow Test IIR600 intake for the Mk7 GTI is subject of a flow test to evaluate how changing intake components can affect overall airflow through the intake.
Testing>Airflow|Quick AnalysisInstant Test: Cold Side Charge Pipe Flow
Testing>Airflow|Testing>TemperatureIntegrated Engineering Temperature SummarySummary of performance data for the Integrated Engineering Cold Air Intake for the VW Mk7 GTI as measured on the flowbench and the street.
Testing>BoostBoost Onset BaselineA method for measuring turbocharger boost onset of the Mk7 GTI IS20 turbocharger and other available turbochargers is presented and explained.
Testing>BoostShuenk IS38+ Turbo First Full PullFirst solid pull with the Shuenk IS38+ turbocharger for the Mk7 GTI. Turbo is paired with the Eurodyne IS38 base adjustable file.
Testing>BoostAir Scoop Boost OnsetAir scoop boost onset test is peformed on a Mk7 GTI to determine if the air scoop affects the boost onset rate for the turbocharger.
Testing>BoostBicooler Turbo LagBicooler turbocharger lag was a concern that prompted a boost onset test to determine if the Majesty FMIC bicooler causes turbo lag for the Mk7 GTI turbo.
Testing>BoostTurbo Blanket Spool Up EvaluationTurbo blanket claims of faster spool up, reduced turbo lag, and earlier peak torque are tested by comparing IS38+ boost onset times.
Testing>BoostCTS vs ARM Downpipe – Boost OnsetBoost onset might be affected by downpipe design choices. The CTS Turbo and Arm Motorsport downpipes are compared on the GTI for affect on spool time.
Testing>BoostTrackslag vs ARM Downpipe Boost OnsetTrackslag downpipe for the Mk7 GTI is swapped out with the ARM Motorsport downpipe to evaluate the affect on boost onset times. Ambient air temperature differences prevented a valid comparison.
Testing>BoostTurbo Inlet Elbow Boost Onset TestTurbo inlet elbows are hypothesized to improve turbocharger boost spool up. The stock GTI inlet elbow is compared with an aftermarket inlet elbow to check boost onset.
Testing>BoostARM Motorsport Catless Downpipe Boost OnsetARM Motorsport catless downpipe is installed on my Mk7 GTI to test how quickly boost pressure builds compared to catted downpipes from ARM and Trackslag.
Testing>BoostTurbosmart DV PerformanceTurbosmart diverter valve for the Mk7 GTI is compared with the Mk7 GTI stock diverter valve. Measures related to boost pressure are recorded for comparison.
Testing>BoostDisconnected DVTried logging with a disconnected DV to see how the pressure along the charge piping and intake manifold was affected. Then plugged the DV in and repeated.
Testing>TemperatureMk7 GTI Stock Intercooler Cruise TemperatureThe Mk7 GTI stock intercooler is taken on a routine drive to record Intake Air Temperature and then assess how well the intercooler controls the IAT.
Testing>TemperatureMk7 GTI Stock Intercooler Drive Part 2Mk7 GTI Stock Intercooler taken on a loop drive to assess how the Intake Air Temperatures are affected when the GTI is accelerating rapidly.
Testing>TemperatureMk7 GTI Stock Intercooler Drive 3Evaluating Intake Air Temperture changes on a VW Mk7 GTI equipped with a stock intercooler and comparing with previously recorded IAT.
Testing>TemperatureMk7 GTI eBay FMIC First DriveeBay FMIC for theVW Mk7 GTI is installed in parallel with the Stock GTI intercooler in a Twintercooler configuration and Intake Air Temperature is measured.
Testing>TemperatureMk7 GTI eBay FMIC Drive ComparisonComparing Intake Air Temperature measured during drives performed with the Mk7 GTI Stock Intercooler and with the addition of an eBay FMIC.
Testing>TemperatureMk7 GTI eBay FMIC Minus Stock ICMk7 GTI eBay Front Mount Intercooler is taken for a test drive to record intake air temperature under typical driving conditions.
Testing>TemperatureMk7 GTI Underhood Cruising TemperatureRecording of the underhood temperature on a Mk7 GTI is undertaken with two RTD temperature sensors and datalogging equipment. Measurements are evaluated.
Testing>TemperatureCommute Temperatures 1Underhood temperature inside the engine compartment is measured with two RTD probes during daily driving activities to asses magnitude and variation.
Testing>TemperatureCommute Temperatures 2Engine compartment temperature readings are made to evaluate how the temperature inside the Mk7 GTI engine compartment varies with location.
Testing>TemperatureCommute Temperatures 3
Testing>TemperatureCommute Temperatures 4Fourth installment of the series of temperature readings being taken within the engine compartment of the Mk7 GTI.
Testing>TemperatureAir Intake Temperature EvaluationSearching for the best air intake for the Mk7 GTI moves from airflow testing to evaluating the intake air temperature at the IS38 turbocharger inlet elbow.
Testing>TemperatureIntegrated Engineering Temp Measurement 1Integrated Engineering Cold Air Intake is driven with a Mk7 GTI to measure turbocharger air intake temperature during the course of two drives.
Testing>TemperatureIntegrated Engineering Temp Measurement 2Intake air temperatue readings entering the turbocharger are recorded for the Integrated Engineering Cold Air Intake on my VW Mk7 GTI.
Testing>TemperatureInduct Performance Intake Temperature MeasurementsInduct Performance Air Intake System for the Mk7 GTI is installed and temperature sensors placed to record air intake temperature on my Mk7 GTI.
Testing>TemperatureInduct Performance Intake Day 1Temperature readings with the Induct Performance Air Intake System are shown for the first day of the data collection using my Mk7 GTI.
Testing>TemperatureIntake Air Temperature Worst CaseTurbocharger intake air temperature is recorded during high ambient temperatures following a previous drive to heat the GTI engine compartment.
Testing>TemperatureTurbo Outlet TemperatureIHI IS38 turbocharger outlet temperatures are measured with an RTD temperature probe installed in a 034 Motorsport Turbo Muffler delete on my Mk7 GTI.
Testing>TemperatureInduct Performance Temperature SummaryInduct Performance Air Intake System for the Mk7 GTI is measured for affect on Intake Air Temperatures going to the Turbocharger.
Testing>TemperatureS&B Intake System Commute Temperatures Day 1S&B Air Intake System for the Mk7 GTI is installed and temperature readings taken of the air temperature leaving the S&B intake airbox and pipe.
Testing>TemperatureS&B Intake Temperature SummaryS&B Intake for the Mk7 GTI is installed and a series of drives are made to gather pre-turbocharger intake air temperature data. Results are shown on a chart.
Testing>TemperatureAPR Intake Commute Temperatures – InitialAPRs Carbon Fiber Intake for the Mk7 GTI is installed on my VW to collect pre-turbocharger inlet air temperatures during daily commute driving conditions.
Testing>TemperatureRacingline R600 Intake Commute Temperatures – InitialRacingline R600 Intake Commute Pre-turbocharger Intake AIr Temperatures during the first day commute.
Testing>TemperatureAPR Intake Temperature SummaryAPR Carbon Fiber Air Intake is used during a daily commute and pre-turbocharger air temperature is recorded for comparison with other aftermarket intakes.
Testing>TemperatureAPR Intercooler Loop Drive
Testing>TemperatureMk7 GTI Intercooler Outlet TemperatureMk7 GTI Intercooler Outlet Temperature is recorded and compared with the GTI stock Intake Air Temperature sensor reading.
Testing>TemperatureAir Conditioned Commute TemperaturesRecording intercooler outlet temperatures during a daily commute with the Mk7 GTI air conditioner on and then off to compare temperatures.
Testing>TemperatureVWR R600 Intake Temperature ResultsVWR R600 pre-turbo intake air temperatures are recorded during a daily commute and compared with other Mk7 GTI air intake options.
Testing>TemperatureEventuri Intake Temperature First Drive
Testing>TemperatureEventuri Intake Temperature CompositeEventuri intake air system for the Mk7 GTI is installed while measuring the air temperature entering the GTI turbocharger. Composite results are shown.
Testing>TemperatureAir Scoop PreparationsAir Scoop for the Mk7 GTI is installed in the grill using an Eventuri scoop. Temperature probes are installed along the intake to measure intake temps.
Testing>TemperatureIntitial Drive Stock GTI Airbox Commute TempsIntake air temperatures readings during morning and afternoon drives are taken with a stock Mk7 GTI intake to compare with several aftermarket intakes.
Testing>TemperatureMk7 GTI Stock Airbox Final Commute TemperaturesStock GTI airbox air temperature into the turbocharger is recorded over several days of commuting and compared with aftermarket intakes.
Testing>TemperatureAirbox Insulating Wrap TestModifying a Mk7 GTI air intake to see if insulating wrap lower the pre-turbocharger intake air temperature. Pipe Wrap Insulation is applied to an Eventuri.
Testing>TemperatureAir Scoop IC DataIntercooler outlet temperatures recorded during third gear pulls using the Mk7 GTI air scoop are compared between the scoop being open and closed.
Testing>TemperatureFMIC vs DF IC Loop DriveMk7 GTI FMIC versus direct replacement stock location intercooler along a semi-controlled loop recording various temperatures to determine IC efficiency.
Testing>TemperatureFrost King Intake First DriveFrost King wrapped Eventuri intake is driven during a daily commute to evaluate the pre-turbocharger intake air temperature.
Testing>TemperatureFrost King Temperature Summary
Testing>TemperatureUnderhood TemperaturesTemperature at various locations inside the engine compartment of my Mk7 GTI are recorded during a routine daily commute.
Testing>TemperatureIC Temp Testing: Trial 1
Testing>TemperatureUSP Boost Tap Caution
Testing>TemperatureIntake Duct Block Off Plate TestTesting to determine if the air intake temperature inside the Mk7 GTI airbox changes when covering the opening at the back of the inlet duct.
Testing>TemperatureIntake Manifold External Temperatures
Testing>TemperatureEngine Compartment Temps – Weather Seal RemovalEngine compartment temperatures measured near the turbocharger and map sensor with the weather seal strip in place and removed.
Testing>TemperatureUnderhood Temps Near Oil FilterTesting is done to evaluate the affect that opening the passenger side intake duct has on the engine compartment underhood temperatures of a Mk7 GTI.
Testing>TemperatureIC Temp Testing: Trial 6
Testing>TemperatureAC and Intercoolers
Testing>TemperatureClosed Intake Turbo Inlet TempsMk7 GTI closed air intake system is used to measure the turbo inlet temperature during a series of wide open throttle pulls to set a temperature baseline.
Testing>TemperatureAMS Performance Intercooler Bench CoolingAMS Performance intercooler is subject of a bench air temperature cooling test to evaluate how well the AMS intercooler compares with the stock Mk7 GTI IC.
Testing>TemperatureSemi-Open Intake Turbo Inlet Temps
Testing>TemperatureForge Motorsport Intercooler Bench TestingForge Motorsport Mk7 GTI intercooler is evaluated using a bench cooling test and compared with other aftermarket intercoolers for combined perfomance.
Testing>TemperatureAPR Intercooler Bench Cooling TestAPR intercooler for the VW Mk7 GTI is subject of a bench cooling performance test to see how it compares with other aftermarket intercoolers for the GTI.
Testing>TemperatureClosed Filter-On-A-Stick Inlet TemperaturesMST Performance Intake for the Mk7 GTI is installed with the cover on the air filter enclosure to measure the temperature to the turbocharger during a pull.
Testing>TemperatureOpen Intake Turbo Inlet TemperatureMST Performance intake housing is removed to expose the air filter to the engine compartment. Air temperature entering the turbocharger is recorded at WOT.
Testing>TemperatureMishimoto Intercooler Bench Cooling TestMishimoto intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is bench tested to compare cooling performance with other aftermarket intercoolers for the GTI.
Testing>TemperatureeBay Tube & Fin Intercooler Bench TestAn eBay brand stock location tube and fin intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is bench cooling tested and compared with aftermarket intercoolers for the Mk7 GTI.
Testing>TemperatureStreet Battle: APR vs UnitronicIntercooler performance data comparing the APR and Unitronic stock location intercoolers for the Mk7 GTI after recording street temperature data.
Testing>TemperatureIntegrated Engineering Intercooler Bench TestIntegrtaed Engineering intercooler for the VW Mk7 GTI is subject of a bench cooling efficiency test and compared with other aftermarket intercooler cooling.
Testing>TemperatureIAT Sensor Lies
Testing>TemperatureStreet Battle: APR vs IEIntegrated Engineering intercooler compared with the Audi Performance and Racing intercooler on the street using an IS38 turbo on my Mk7 GTI.
Testing>Temperaturedo88 Intercooler Bench Cooling Testdo88 intercooler for the VW Mk7 GTI is subject of a bench cooling test and compared with other aftermarket intercoolers for the Mk7 GTI.
Testing>TemperatureStreet Battle: do88 vs IEdo88 intercooler and Integrated Engineering intercooler street pull data is the basis for a cooling performance comparison.
Testing>TemperatureTurbo Blanket Spool Test TemperaturesEngine compartment and air intake temperatures are compared during turbocharger blanket boost onset testing with an IS38 equipped Mk7 GTI.
Testing>TemperatureTurbo Blanket Long Drive TemperaturesTest and Evaluation of turbocharger blanket affects on underhood temperature and air intake temperatures on a Mk7 GTI.
Testing>TemperatureExhaust Downpipe Wrap Drive EvaluationDEI Titanium exhaust pipe wrap is used on the Mk7 GTI downpipe from turbo to flex joint and engine compartment temperatures are recorded.
Testing>TemperatureCTS Intercooler Bench Cooling TestCTS stock location intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is bench tested for cooling efficiency and compared to other GTI intercoolers.
Testing>TemperatureExtended Intercooler Bench Testing TrialsTest of several methods for conducting an extended cooling test using a flow bench and stationary cool air supply along with regulated hot air supply.
Testing>TemperatureARM Motorsports FMIC Bench Cooling TestARM Motorsports FMIC is configured for a bench cooling efficiency test and the results are compared with the Vibrant 12810 intercooler.
Testing>TemperatureNeuspeed FMIC Bench Cooling TestNeuspeed Front Mount Intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is subject of a bench cooling efficiency test and compared to other aftermarket intercoolers.
Testing>TemperatureIE Intercooler V1 vs V2 Bench Cooling TestIntegrated Engineering Intercooler V1 vs V2 Bench Cooling Test. Temperature rise rate and steady state temperature are compared.
Testing>TemperatureCTS Intercooler Street DataCTS Mk7 Stock Location Intercooler is tested on the GTI operating on the street for cooling and pressure drop performance.
Testing>TemperatureTreadstone TR8L Street DataTreadstone TR8L FMIC is part of the JD Eurosport Intercooler Kit. Street temperature data is recorded for evaluation.
Testing>TemperatureWagner Intercooler Street DataWagner Tuning Competition Intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is tested for street cooling performance and temperature drop compared with other aftermarket IC options.
Testing>TemperatureOpen Intake vs Closed Intake ContinuedOpen intake versus closed intake test is conducted to evaluate how the pre turbocharger air temperature affects turbo wastegate duty cycle.
Testing>TemperatureFMIC vs SMIC | AC OnFMIC vs SMIC outlet air temperatures with the air conditioning system operating are compared for a stop and go test drive route to compare intercooler performance.
Testing>TemperatureStock Mount vs Front Mount Intercooler Initial CoolingStock location and front mount intercooler affect on temperature drop is evaluated. A route with stops is driven and intake air temperature is compared.
Testing>TemperatureMk7 GTI Stock Intercooler Heat SoakMk7 GTI Stock Intercooler Heat Soak is quoted as a problem leading to conclusions that the GTI IC sucks. This post looks at IC efficiency and recovery times.
Testing>TemperatureTreadstone TR8C Too Much AirflowTreadstone TR8C intercooler is installed on a Mk7 GTI along with an Integrated Engineering stock location intercooler. Bicooler performance is measured.
Testing>TemperatureIE + Majesty BicoolerIntegrated Engineering v1 intercooler is matched with a Majesty Front Mounted Intercooler for the Mk7 GTI. Intercooler outlet temperature is evaluated.
Testing>TemperatureAPR PEX Intake – Road TestAPR Pex Open Intake is subject of a street test to record intake air temperature prior to the turbocharger. Stock airbox temperatures are measured and compared.
Testing>TemperatureIntercooler Test TrendsIntercooler tests of various options for the Mk7 GTI are compared showing the variation of temperature delta for different IC placements and configurations.
Testing>TemperatureBicooler & Intercooler Heavy LiftingBicooler and stock location stand alone intercooler are used to support data logging of parts during heavy acceleration. Cooling performance is compared.
Testing>TemperatureBicooler with Air Conditioning OnMk7 GTI Bicooler with air conditioning on is evaluated to determine how the intake air temperature is affected when the air conditioner is on.
Testing>Temperaturedo88 + TR8C Bicoolerdo88 + TR8C bicooler temperature rise test with a comparison to other bicooler intercoolers that have been installed on the Mk7 GTI.
Testing>TemperatureStock IC Cruising IATCruising IAT can be misleading when assessing the cooling performance of an intercooler. The stock GTI IC is evaluated during cruising to compare IC out with IAT.
Testing>TemperatureMid-term IC ComparisonAPR, do88, and IE intercooler upgrades for the Mk7 GTI are measured to record intake air temperature rise during a third gear pull. Results are compared.
Testing>TemperatureMk7 GTI Stock Airbox Modification Testing – Part 2Mk7 GTI stock airbox modification is continued. The airbox outlet air temperature with holes in the airbox is compared with a stock GTI airbox.
Testing>TemperatureDownpipe Area Air TemperatureDownpipe area air temperature is the subject of this post. A temperature probe is located over the downpipe and recorded during routine driving.
Testing>TemperatureCTS Open Intake Air TemperatureCTS open intake is installed on the GTI and pre-turbo air temperature is measured to compare with a closed stock airbox. Intake air temperature is compared.
Testing>TemperatureGolf R IC Street DataGolf R IC for the Mk7 is installed on a GTI and street driving temperatures are logged to compare the Golf R intercooler with aftermarket IC options.
Testing>TemperatureHPA IC Street DataHPA IC for the Mk7 GTI is installed on my GTI and driven to record air temperature and pressure. The HPA intercooler is then compared to other aftermarket ICs.
Testing>TemperatureStock Location vs Front MountStock location versus front mount intercooler is a popular discussion topic that rarely includes objective data in support of either product. Relevant data is analyzed.
Testing>TemperatureVibrant-Baun Performance FMIC Street DataBaun Performance FMIC for the Mk7 GTI is tested on the street to record IAT and pressure drop data to compare with other aftermarket intercoolers.
Testing>TemperatureHood Seal Affect On TemperatureHood seal affect on engine compartment temperatures is investigated by driving a planned route with the hood seal installed and then removed.
Testing>TemperatureEngine Compartment Temperature MonitoringTemperature readings within the Mk7 GTI engine compartment are recorded at several locations during vehicle operation. Temperatures are then comapred.
Testing>TemperatureHood Seal Investigation ContinuedAir temperature inside the engine compartment near the battery with the hood seal in place and then removed.
Testing>TemperatureTube and Fin vs Bar and Plate Temperature RecoveryTube and fin style intercooler is compared with bar and plate style intercooler to see if there is a difference in temperature recovery.
Testing>TemperatureRacingline Intercooler Street DataRacingline intercooler for the Mk7 is installed and measured on the street using a GTI. Temperature data is compared with other aftermarket intercoolers.
Testing>TemperatureMabotech Stock Mount Street DataMabotech stock location intercooler for the Mk7 GTI is subject to street testing to evaluate cooling efficiency against other aftermarket intercoolers for the VW GTI.
Testing>TemperatureMk7 Intercooler Temperature TrendsIntercooler temperature trends for a number of aftermarket intercoolers using an IS38 turbocharger are displayed in side-by-side slideshows.
Testing>TemperatureEngine Compartment TempsEngine compartment temperatures above the engine with the engine cover installed and removed are measured during routine driving for comparison.
Testing>TemperatureAir Duct Experiment – Part 1Air duct experiment to assess changes to intake air temperatures in the area of the air filter and going into the turbocharger compressor with a stock air duct.
Testing>TemperatureAir Duct Experiment – Part 2Air duct experiment is continued to see how the turbocharger inlet air temperature and air temperature near the air filters change when modifying the stock duct.
Testing>TemperatureAir Duct Experiment – Part 3The air duct modification experiment continues by covering the rear of the passenger side of the stock GTI air duct to measure the effect on intake air temperature.
Testing>TemperatureAir Duct Testing – Part 4More air duct testing on the Mk7 GTI, this time using foam pieces to increase the effectiveness of the heat shield around the CTS intake air filter.
Testing>TemperatureAir Duct Testing – Part 5 (Heat Shield)The Intake heat shield is removed from the CTS Turbo cold air intake to measure how the partition affects the turbocharger inlet air temperature.
Testing>TemperatureStock Mk7 GTI Intercooler vs Aftermarket ICThe stock Mk7 GTI intercooler compared to an aftermarket intercooler is the topic of this post. Intake air temperatures and estimated wheel horsepower are compared.
Testing>TemperatureDuct Analysis Part 6 – IE V2 IntakeIE V2 intake is installed in the GTI to log pre-turbocharger air temperature during routine driving and during pulls in third gear for comparing to other intakes.
Testing>TemperatureG-Plus Bicooler Street DataThe G-Plus intercooler is a small bicooler that works with the Mk7 GTI stock intercooler. The G-Plus is installed and measured during street pulls.
Testing>TemperatureDuct 7 – APR PEXAPR PEX intake pre-turbocharger intake air temperatures were recorded during full throttle pulls and compared with data from other intake configurations.
Testing>TemperatureDuct 8 – Eventuri and MSTAn Eventuri intake and MST silicone turbo inlet hose are installed on the GTI to test for the effect on pre-turbocharger intake air temperature.
Testing>TemperatureBoost Pressure and Turbo Outlet TemperatureTurbo outlet temperature at two boost levels is compared to see what effect the pressure has on the air temperature.
Testing>TemperatureAC Condenser TemperatureThe temperature at the ac condenser is measured using an RTD sensor to compare the temperature when the air conditioner is off with when it is on.
Testing>TemperatureAC Condenser Temps – Part 2Effects of the state of operation of the ac condenser are evaluated by measuring the temperature of the AC condenser with a temperature probe.
Testing>TemperatureAC Condenser Temps – Part 3Air temperature after the air conditioning condenser is measured during driving to evaluate the effect of the AC operation on the air temperature.
Testing>TemperatureDuct 9 – Eventuri and Stock AccordionThe stock accordion hose is used to measure pre-turbocharger air temperature and compare with results measured with a silicone intake hose.
Testing>TemperatureAC Condenser Temps – Part 4Temperature between the AC Condenser and stock location intercooler are measured while driving with the air conditioner on and then off.
Testing>Temperature|Modification ResearchAir Scoop Commute Temperature TestAn Eventuri air scoop for the Mk7 GTI is installed to determine if intake air temperature is reduced with the addition of the air scoop to the grill.
TuningStratified E30 Tuning – Base FileStratified E30 tuning effort is started upon receipt of a base ethanol file for my GTI. Acceleration data is recorded for analysis.
TuningStratified E30 Tuning – rev1Stratified Automotive Controls E30 tuning on my Mk7 GTI. Results for the first revision with increased boost pressure.
TuningStratified E30 Tuning – rev2Stratified Automotive Controls custom Ethanol E30 tuning on my Mk7 GTI. Here is the second revision to the base file that adjusts timing during boost onset.
TuningStratified E30 Tuning – rev 3Stratified E30 tuning of my Mk7 GTI with IS38 turbocharger moves onto the third revision. This revision a closer look is made at the low pressure fuel supply.
TuningStratified E30 Tuning – rev 4Stratified customer E30 tune for my IS38 turbocharger is onto revision number four. This posts looks at logged engine data and acceleration to evaluate progress.
TuningStratified E30 Tuning – rev 5Stratified Automotive Controls E30 ethanol tuning process with my VW Mk7 GTI. This is a progress review of the fifth revision of the E30 Custom Tune.
TuningStratified E30 Tuning – rev 6Stratified Automotive Controls E30 custom tune for my Shuenk IS38+ equipped Mk7 GTI. This is the sixth revision of the custom road tuning process.
Vehicle QuestVW Golf GTI trim levels comparedComparing the various VW Golf GTI trim levels is something I need to get settled and decided upon early in the process so that I can narrow my search.
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