GTI IS38 Tune Comparison Idea

Apple & Orange
Apples & Oranges


Same GTI, same parts, same day, same dyno.

Flash ECU between multiple IS38 off-the-shelf tunes.

Record HP/TQ of each tune to generate comparison charts.

Log engine variables of each tune – such as boost, timing, and air/fuel ratio, to generate more comparison charts.

Post results.

Major obstacles:

Obtaining ECU software and the means of flashing to GTI – 9 known options of GTI/IS38 OTS tunes. Need to get vendors onboard.

Rental cost of Dynamometer – Estimating 7 hours of dyno time, the cost would be $700.


Are there enough people willing to contribute toward the dyno costs to make the dyno rental feasible? My hope is to get enough participation so individual contributions are no more than $25.

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