Mk7 GTI Turbochargers

Options for the EA888 Gen 3 MQB

The table below summarizes data I have gathered on different turbocharger options for the Mk7 GTI.
Note: Some models may be superseded or dropped.
IS20 / IHI$1,20042.5/54.050.5/46.86+6 blade comp / 8 blade turbine
IS38 / IHI$1,20045.2/58.054.7/47.46+6 blade comp / 8 blade turbine
APR DTR6054$1,50048/6054/49ball bearing / w/ software
Arashi Dynamics IS20 Upgrade$94944.9/5854.8/47.46+6 blade comp / 8 blade turbine
Arashi Dynamics Kuro 3076$1,70958/7660/55ball bearing
Au Motorsport IS600R$1,499 / 7360 / 9 blade turb / JB
Blaast Performance IS-38$1,451Upgraded IS38
Blaast Performance IS-38 Hi Flow?50.5/6856/49Upgraded IS38 - Hi Flow Version
CTS IS38$80045.2/58.054.7/47.4No DV / WG
CTS BB-550$1,800? / ?? / ?BB / 9 blade turbine
CWORX$2,20055/6863/54Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing
DBV2 v1$2,73054/Hybrid IS38 6+6 comp wheel / 9 blade clipped turbine
DBV2 v2$2,73056/6867/595+5 comp wheel / 9 blade clipped turbine
DBV2 V367/59TD06H Turbine
EFR 7163$2,12357/7163/??Turbo Only
EQT IS38+$1,13245.2/58.054.7/47.4Upgraded JB CHRA
EQT Typhoon$2,52061.4/60/557+7 comp/BB
EQT Vortex$1,80053/7161/5411 blade turbine / No DV / WG
EQT Vortex XL$1,90053/7161/5411 blade turbine / No DV / WG
FastLine$900Upgraded IS38 - w/ exchange
FastLine FL450$1,387IS38 hybrid
FastLine FL480$1,666IS38 hybrid
FastLine FL530$1,945IS38 hybrid
Frankenturbo F38$1,49953/????/507+7 comp / 9 blade MF turbine - turbo only
Garrett GTX 2867R$2,97050/6754/4748 lbs/min max. / Boss 500 Kit
Garrett GTX 3071R$3,15054/7160/5559 lbs/min max. / Boss 600 Kit
Garrett GTX3076R$3,65958/7660/55~67 lbs/min max. / Boss 700 Kit
Garrett GTX3584$276867/8468/62~90 lbs/min max.
Garrett GT2260S$1,35047/6050/45~43 lbs/min - JB
Garrett G25-660$2,85054/6754/49~57 lbs/min - BB
HPA FR500 IS38 Hybrid$2,999
HPA FR450 IS38 Hybrid$2,599
HPA OEM+ IS38$1,399Revised bearing system
Hypergear Turbos$1,730IS20/IS38 BB CHRA Upgrade
Induct IP7160$1,999?? / 7160 / ??up to 34 psi
Iroz IMS540$5,20054 lbs/min max. / Turbo Kit
Iroz IMS650$5,30065 lbs/min max. / Turbo Kit
IS Racing IS450$2,415????
JD Eurosports IS38 Plus$899No WG actuator or DV
Lader PnP LM440 IS20$2,250w/ IS20 core exchange
Lader PnP LM440 IS38$2,30049.5 / 6854.7 / 47.5
Lader PnP LM500 Track$3,070
Lader PnP LM500 V2$3,600
Lader PnP LM575$3,700IS38 upgrade | $2782 w/ core exchange
Lader PnP LM6XX$4,840IS38 Hybrid
Littco IS38X45.2/58.054.7/??IS38 wheels w/ clipped turbine
Littco L340x$916IS20 hybrid
Littco L380$1,163IS38 OEM+
Littco L420$1,200IS20 hybrid
Littco L430$1,77050/????/??Clipped IS38 turbine
Littco L450$1,65052/????/527+7 blade comp
Littco L480$2,01052??6+6 comp.
Littco L500$2,40054/??7+7 blade comp
Littco L510$2,465L480 w/ BB CHRA
Littco L520$2,76556/ /567+7 blade comp / 9 blade turbine
Littco L550$2,68556/??7+7 blade comp / 9 blade turbine
Littco L560$2,50055/????/??9-blade turb; ceramic G25 BB cartridge
Littco L5656$2,800??/569 blade turbine
Loba LO430$2,973
LOBA LO462$2,8508 blade turbine
Loba LO462$3,129
Mabotech M470H$1,700Rated for 470whp
Mabotech M480is$3,95011 blade turbine
Mabotech M520H$1,90051/7058/52Rated for 520WHP
Mabotech M560is$2,95011 blade turbine
Mabotech M680is$3,45011 blade turbine
Mabotech M750is$3,950
Mach 5 Performance 500R53.1/7160/54
Mamba GTX2867R IS38$1,24949.7/67.453.8/47No WG
Mamba GTX2871R IS38$1,24954.1/7153.8/47GTX28R 9 Blade Turbine Wheel
Mamba GTX2971R IS38$1,34954.1/7156.5/51.8GTX29R Reverse 9 Blade Turbine Wheel
Mamba GTX3071R IS38$1,35054.1/7160/55GTX3071R IS38 Ball Bearing Turbo / No WG
Mamba GTX3076R$1,39958/7660/55Ball Bearing
Pag Parts TRX770
Powerspirit$85044.7/5854.8/45DBB / eBay source
RAC Turbo 550$2,99549.7/67.458.9/47.22867 style DBB CHRA
RAC Turbo 535353/7157/52.7IS38 Hybrid DBB CHRA
RAC Turbo 3071?53.1/7360/553071 style DBB CHRA
RAC Turbo Xona 6155Xona 6155 based turbo
Racingline Stage 3$5,300IS38 Upgrade Kit w/ Tune & Inlet/Outlet Parts
Rev9 (eBay)$69952.5/70.557/52No DV or WG
Revo ETR$4,125Optional Core Exchange / 11 blade turb
RTMG IS550$2,85052.3//52.5Optional core exchange
RTMG IS450-L$938Hybrid
RX Turbo RX550$1,299??/??71/58No WG actuator or DV
RX Turbo RX500$1,599??/6858/52BB / Note: Vendor is a vehicle service center.
RX Turbo RX450$1,299??/5854/47BB / Note: Vendor is a vehicle service center.
Shuenk IS38+$1,34945.2/58.054.7/47.47+7 comp / Upgraded rotating assembly - IHI RHF55 based
Snail460 IS20$2,464IS20 Hybrid - JB & BB options
Snail460 IS38$2,640IS38 Hybrid - JB & BB option
Snail480$2,710IS38 Hybrid / 480 HP
Snail550$2,813IS38 Hybrid / 550 HP
Tomioka IHX475$1,90052.5/6860/54
Tomioka IHX600$2,30052.5/6860/54
Tomioka IHX675$3,50054.1/73.260.3/55Dual Ceramic BB
TTE IS38Race$1,850Upgraded IS38
TTE370+$2,800IS20 housing with modified IS38 internals
TTE485$3,627IS20 hybrid 6+6 comp w/ ETT - 9 blade turb.
TTE535$3,736IS38 based hybrid
TTE555$4,335IS38 hybrid 6+6 Comp/9 Turb.
TTH-06K-400$1,582IS20 based -
TTH-06K-440$2,261IS38 based, price w/ VAT
TTH-06K-480$2,37454.7/47.4IS38 based, little larger Compressor, price w/ VAT
TTH-06K-540$3,27953/7158/52IS38 based, price w/ VAT
TTH-06K-600$3,732IS38 based, price w/ VAT
TTH-06K-650$3,650IS38 GTX3076 Gen 2, price w/ VAT
Turbo Concepts Stage 2$2,495Ceramic Ball Bearing
Turbo Concepts MQB Turbo$1,995Ceramic Ball Bearing
Turbo Direct IS38-450$1,170DBB
Turbo Direct IS38-550$1,230DBB
Turbo Direct IS38-600
Turbo Direct IS38-700GTX3071R Gen2 CHRA
Turbo Systems Stage 1$2,099DCBB Hybrid IS38
Turbo Systems Stage 2$2,799DCBB Hybrid IS38
Turbo Technics IS38 Hybrid
Turbo Technics V4
Turbo Technics V5$2,800
Turbo Technics V6
Turbo Parts Canada$1,10045.2/58.054.7/47.4BB IS38
Turbo Parts Canada TPC20$1,70054/6756/53
Turbo Parts Canada TPC38 G$2,00054/7160/55
Turbo Parts Canada TPC25$1,80054/6756/53
Turbo Parts Canada TPC770$2,30058/7160/55
Turbo Parts Canada TPC900$2,50062/7660/55
TurboTotal 440 PS upgrade$1,440 w/ VATModified IS38
Turbo Total 500+PS$2,380 w/ VAT54/7160/55Garrett GTX3071R center
TurboTotal 600+ PS upgrade$2,618 w/ VAT58/7660/55Garrett GTX3071R fuselage group
TurboTotal Thor 900$3,900 w/ VAT62/7660/55Garrett G30-900 cartridge
VAGParts IS38 480$2,490Ball bearing
Vargas Stage 2$2,00054.1/71.456.5/53.6
Venom 400$2,389IS38 size, BB center.
Venom 460$2,161
Venom 480$2,900Hybrid Comp/Turb wheels, BB
Venom 500$2,351
Venom 550$3,164Hybrid Comp/Turb wheels, BB
XMan Turbos IS38 Hybrid$1,660?/64?/?Clipped turbine wheel