do88 Mk7 GTI Intercooler Flow Test

do88 Intercooler Flow Test

The Mk7 GTI intercooler that do88 sells is tested for flow performance.

do88 Mk7 GTI Intercooler Flow Test
do88 Mk7 GTI Intercooler Flow Test

The do88 intercooler flowed 272 CFM @ 28″ of H2O.  This result is shown with other stock replacement aftermarket intercoolers that have been flow tested as well as the stock GTI intercooler.

Direct Replacement Intercooler Flow Test Results
Direct Replacement Intercooler Flow Test Results

The do88 is also shown compared with all of the intercooler types and combinations that have been flow tested.

do88 Intercooler Flow Test Results
do88 Intercooler Flow Test Results


The do88 intercooler measured the highest airflow of any direct replacement intercooler tested to date.  The do88 also flows more than most of the bicooler setups that have been tested.

Note: Cooling the charge air is also an important function of an intercooler and that aspect of performance was not evaluated during this test.

Some intake air temperature data logs for the do88 intercooler were provided by a GTI owner.

16 thoughts on “do88 Intercooler Flow Test”

    1. On the flow test yes, thanks for the recommendation! I wasn’t aware that this IC was available and do88 was very helpful in supplying one for testing.

    1. I have not yet. It remains to be seen if I can get one fairly easily to test.

    1. I’ve not tested the product from Majesty. The eBay stock replacement that I have tested is from a seller named 1st-racinguk, also a China import. I don’t know if they are equivalent.

  1. Testing the do88 toghter with the airtech and the Wagner would be great!

    1. I agree! There are several vendors that I plan to reach out to and ask to borrow a unit from to conduct additional flow tests.

  2. Intrigued with the results. Their price point makes it an attractive option. Unfortunately, there’s not many online reviews for their MQB intercooler (aside from your testing). Thanks for content. Looking forward to the updates.

    1. I’m checking to see if do88 would mind if I also install and log it. I’d proposed just doing the flow test and that was what they’d agree to, I’m interested now to see how it would do on the car.

      1. Just curious if do88 ever responded back to your inquiry? Would be good to see data while installed on the car.

  3. Hi Jeff, I just stubmled upon your site, and I am glad I did. There’s nothing else out there and I have a similar car, a 2018 GTI PP , manual.

    Looking at all of your pages, I came to the conclusion that, for best results, I should get the MST air intake kit and an do88 intercooler & then I think I should be ready for a proper stage 1, right?

    Going to order these soon. Since my car is completley stock, what other small things should you recommend for me to purchaset?

    Thank you!

    1. You’re probably fine with most any of the aftermarket intakes or with a couple modifications to the stock setup. The MST is a good option also. The do88 looks promising, again there are a number of solid intercoolers in addition to the do88. The setup you’re looking into would be one that most people would probably be happy with. I’ve got a DSG, it seems that the clutch is something to consider with the manual transmission. Good luck with the upgrades!

  4. Yahya AlShaikh

    Hello Jeff, did Do88 get back to your regarding the logging?

    1. Yes, I will be able to install it on my GTI to get that data as well.

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