Eventuri and Modified Stock Estimated Wheel Horsepower

Modified Stock Intake vs Eventuri

Background: Modifying the stock intake is an alternative to purchasing a dedicated aftermarket intake. On a couple of occasions, I have encountered enthusiasts who have stated that they changed from a modified stock intake to an aftermarket intake when their car was being dyno’d and the aftermarket intakes showed a significant improvement versus their modified …

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Mabotech Intercooler Flow Test

Mabotech Intercooler Flow Test

Background: In a previous post, I gave a rundown of the dimensions of the Mabotech Mk7 “Race” intercooler. The Mabotech intercooler is a stock location replacement intercooler for the Mk7 GTI and Golf R. This post will address a flow bench test that was conducted using the Mabotech IC. Airflow and pressure drop: Flow testing …

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Mabotech Mk7 "Race" Intercooler

Mabotech Intercooler

Background: A recent discussion I was having with Mabotech about the TVS DSG tuning jumped to the topic of intercoolers and the fact that I have not done any testing of the Mabotech intercooler options. Mabotech offered to send me their ICs to evaluate and the stock location model has been delivered. Dimensions: The Mabotech …

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