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Fact Check: Turbo Compressor Efficiency

Background: Turbocharger compressor efficiency is a property that indicates how much work is required for the device to compress the intake air compared to how much work would be required in an ideal process. The property can be related to the air temperatures entering and exiting the compressor, although for the ideal case the exit …

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G-Plus Bicooler Flow Test

Background: The G-Plus bicooler for the Mk7 GTI is the subject of a flow test. An interesting observation about my sample is that it is a Tube and Fin design. This is the only Tube and Fin FMIC for the Mk7 that I am aware of. Test Procedure: After completing a calibration check of the …

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Mk7 GTI IS38 OTS Tunes

Background: Following up on a post in which I discussed making a comparison between off-the-shelf IS38 tunes that are available for the Mk7 GTI. This table lists the vendors I identified that offer OTS tunes for an IS38-equipped GTI. Vendor Cost HP/TQ Unitronic $1,000 (Dealer install) / $1,165 (Uniconnect) 381/377-Crank EQT $1,075 ($350 + $725 …

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