Engine Compartment Temps

Background: A discussion about the temperature beneath the engine cover prompted an investigation to see if the temperature changes with the engine cover removed versus when it is in place. Test Procedure: An RTD temperature sensor is placed above the engine and the air temperature is recorded during routine driving. The engine cover is then …

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Blaze Flange Adapter Flow Test

Blaze Intake Real World Data Check – 2

Background: This post continues a review of occasions where I have been presented with “real world” data related to the performance of the Blaze Performance intake. This second case of “real world” data being presented to me for consideration took place simultaneously with my initial testing of the AToM V1 intake at the beginning of …

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Brett Harrison Logs

Blaze Intake Real World Data Check

Background: Two weeks ago I made a post pointing out the lack of substantiation EQT provides in support of their claims for the Blaze Performance intake. The post generated some feedback on a different topic, speculating that I have disregarded “real-world” data for the Blaze intake that has been presented to me. In this post, …

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