Stratified Control vs Test - KR% Comparison

Stratified OTS Revised E10 to E20

Background: The Stratified Automotive Controls IS20 Stage 2 tune is one of several Cobb-based off-the-shelf (OTS) tunes with which a performance comparison was made. Stratified offers a tune revision option where they will update their off-the-shelf tune based on the customer’s data log to make a quasi-custom tune. This revision of my IS20 tune resulted […]

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Blue and White TIP Test Setup

Prototype TIP 3 Testing

Background: About two months ago results were posted from flow tests using a second prototype TIP. In this post, a third design is flow tested, and results are compared with previous tests. System under test: The latest prototype was made with the intent to try and maximize the airflow through the inlet elbow while also

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034 and OEM Ignition Coils

Coil Pack Temperature

Background: After seeing this advertisement from 034 Motorsport for their upgrade coil packs: I inquired for additional information about the claims the representative from 034 made for these products: Those questions elicited a common reaction from the company representative: With no insight provided by the company selling the product, I decided to try and measure

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