Torque Specs

This is an ongoing effort to create a quick reference table of torque specs.

SuspensionRear Swaybar Bushing Bracket10 mm triple square28 Nm
SuspensionRear Swaybar End Link to Control Arm13 mm25 ft-lbs (34 Nm)Mount to Control Arm
SuspensionRear Swaybar End Link16 mm / 6mm triple square35 ft-lbs (47 Nm)Mount to Swaybar
EngineThrottle BodyT307 NmAttaches to Intake Manifold
EngineThermostatT308 Nm
EngineWater PumpT309 NmAttaches to Thermostat
EngineIntake ManifoldT309 Nm
EngineIntake Manifold10 mm9 Nm
EngineIntake manifold bracket13 mm10 Nm
EngineIntake manifold bracketM10 triple square20 Nm
TransmissionPendulum mount (F & R)16 mm50 Nm + 90 deg.aka Dog bone mount
TransmissionPendulum mount (Sub frame)21 mm130 Nm + 90 subframe bushing
SuspensionLower Control Arm18 mm70 Nn + 180 deg.Tighten w/ suspension loaded.
SuspensionLower Control Arm16 mmBall joint nuts
SubframeSub Frame (F & R)18 mm70 Nm + 180 deg.Sub frame to frame
SuspensionFront Swaybar bracket 13 mm20 Nm + 180 deg.
ExhaustDownpipe hanger13 mmNo Spec.
SuspensionFront Swaybar Endlink16 mm / 6mm triple square65 NmUpper & lower
SuspensionLevel sensor bracket10 mmNo Spec.
SubframeSubframe brace to chassis16 mm20 Nm+ 90 deg.
SubframeSubframe brace to subframe18 mm70 Nm + 180 deg.
SubframeSteering rack to subframe18 mm70 Nm + 90 deg.
SuspensionRear Shock Mount16 mm50 Nm + 45 deg.
SuspensionRear Lower Control Arm bolt 18 mm70 Nm + 180 deg.
SuspensionFront Upper Strut Mount Bolts15 Nm + 90 deg.
SuspensionRear shock lower bolt18 mm70 Nm + 180 deg.