VW Golf GTI Sport

I’ve been keeping my mind open about all options for a Golf GTI/R but hadn’t thought about the Sport trim line.  While I was checking out some car sale websites I came across this ad:

VW Golf GTI Sport
VW Golf GTI Sport

A BRAND NEW GTI sport for $21,877?  Wow!

The end of 2017 sales push is on and there are some smokin’ deals to be had.  I like what the Sport trim line has to offer, and at that price it is very tempting.  As I discovered upon closer inspection, while the price was attention grabbing the way it was arrived at was questionable.  Every manufacturers rebate in the book was rolled out to lower the price, but it would be just about impossible for any person to qualify for all of the discounts such as college grad, veteran, corporate parter employer.  Then there were the dealer fees.  Bottom line was that the price out the door would not be close to what it was being advertised for.

Ultimately I decided to pass, I’ve still got the Golf R as my top pick but am only considering used vehicles, I cannot justify the cost of a new Golf R.

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