Racingline VWR R600 Intake System Flow Test

Racingline VWR R600 Cold Air Intake Flow Test

As the search for the best air intake for my Mk7 GTI continues the next candidate to arrive is the Racingline VWR R600 Intake System.  The Racingline Turbo Inlet hose will also be used with the intake.

First stop for the VWR R600 is the flow bench where airflow measurements are made.

Racingline VWR R600 Intake System Flow Test
Racingline VWR R600 Intake System Flow Test

Airflow results are compared with the other candidate air intake systems below.

Mk7 GTI Cold Air Intake Flow Test Results
Mk7 GTI Cold Air Intake Flow Test Results

The Racingline R600 intake has the highest airflow reading when coupled with the Turbo Inlet Elbow of any airbox that has been tested so far.  The difference among the top flowing intakes is at the edge of the margin of error therefore trying to rank them is subject to uncertainty.  More generally, the Racingline intake flowed similar to the two open intake systems tested from Integrated Engineering and Induct Performance.

Next will be a test of the Racingline R600 intake system using the MST Performance replacement air filter kit for the R600 intake because I don’t have high confidence in the filtration performance of a foam filter like the R600 is supplied with.  With the R600 being installed on my GTI for the temperature measurement portion of the testing I intend to use an air filter I have more confidence in.

5 thoughts on “Racingline VWR R600 Cold Air Intake Flow Test”

  1. Please test the MST 3“ Inlet with the Racingline R600 with MST Filter!!

    1. That is what I have planned to report on next since I want to use the MST filter when I install the intake on my GTI rather than using the foam filter that the VWR R600 comes with.

  2. Agreed on the MST TIP & Hose with the R600+MST replace filter. I see on the above graph you measured the Stock Airbox w/ TIP @ 336cfm. Was that with the stock TIP? I’d be curious how the stock airbox flows w/ snowguard delete, aFe filter & the MST TIP & Hose. Really love all your data! Such a great resource. Thanks!

  3. Yes, the 336 CFM reading was made with the stock TIP. I am going to look into ways to get the most from the stock airbox so I will be measuring the airflow as you describe, with the MST Hose and TIP. Should be interesting to see how it stacks up versus the ‘pure’ upgrade airbox options.

    1. That’s great to hear Jeff. Thank you. I just ordered up the MST TIP & Hose for my Golf R based on all your testing. I’ve definitely been on the fence with sticking with the stock airbox w/ snow guard delete + the aFe drop-in filter I have in there now vs spending another $400 for the R600. Looking forward to the results!

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