Stratified DSG Tune Revision V4

The fourth revision to the Stratified DSG TCU tune has a few changes that are continuing to move toward the target behaviors.

Changes from version three are:

  • First to second upshift at moderate accelerator pedal position (APP) input has tighter response around the target engine speed values.
  • Third to fourth upshift from low to mid APP input is now closely tracking with the target engine speed response.
  • Fifth to sixth upshift from low to mid APP input is shifted to be more aligned with the target engine speed.
  • Sixth to fifth on throttle downshift takes place with less APP input at higher engine speeds within the range of interest.
  • Third to second on throttle downshift is occurring with slightly less APP input in the middle engine speeds of the range of interest.

Overall this fourth version of the tune, which is the third update to the base file, has shown positive improvements with no regressions observed.