“Demands” Email to EQT


Back in December, I made a post on a portion of the claims that Equilibrium Tuning makes in connection with the Blaze Performance intake products.

In November 2022 I emailed EQT a series of questions about the claims they were making but did not receive a response.

Several weeks ago EQT acknowledged that they had received the email containing the questions.

EQT Response

To provide awareness of the questions I asked the company about the claims they make for the product, the content of the email I sent is shown below.

Email content:

Nov 4 2022

To: support@eqtuning.com

A few questions about the statements being made by EQT for the Blaze Performance intake components.


This upgrade kit beefs up the size of plumbing to a huge 100mm (4″) allowing massive amounts of airflow to the turbocharger.

How did EQT determine that the diameter of the hose was a factor contributing to massive amounts of airflow?

As well as the upgraded plumbing diameter this kit features a brand new Air filter to ensure optimal airflow and filtration.”

How has EQT determined that this filter provides optimal airflow and filtration?

Upgrading from your original R600 plumbing to the Blaze Performance kit has shown solid gains when used with an aftermarket turbocharger such as our EQT Vortex XL and Standard.”

What does R600 “plumbing” consist of?

What attribute does “solid gains” refer to?  

How much were these gains and how were the gains measured?


The Blaze Performance AToM V2 Air Intake System is one of the best-performing and flowing options on the market as verified by independent testing.”

What is “best-performing” referring to?

What other products on the market was the ATOM V2 compared with?

What evaluations were made by your independent tester?

What values were recorded for the products tested?

This intake system features a full-width air deflector to ram as much air as possible into the engine through the massive 120mm air filter!

How did EQT determine how this air deflector performs?

What alternative product(s) was it compared with?

What were the measured results with the Blaze product compared with the alternative product(s)?

Significant gains have been shown on Vortex powered vehicles when compared to a competitor’s intake system.

What attribute showed gains?

How much were the gains?

Reducing the restrictions in the induction system allows for a lower Wastegate Duty Cycle to achieve boost pressure which leads to more power and cooler charge temperatures.

By how much were the intake restrictions reduced?

How much additional power was made?

How were power gains measured to support this determination?

How much cooler were charge temperatures?

How were charge temperatures measured?

Thank you,



According to Equilibrium Tuning, for the business to respond to a consumer’s questions the consumer should be viewed by the business as an “authority” on the topic they are asking about.

No authority – no reply.

Here’s how well those criteria hold up when EQT has an opportunity to make a sale with a consumer who admits to not being an authority:

EQT demonstrates they are willing to answer questions if the person they are dealing with lacks knowledge of what they are asking about, and thus is not an authority on the subject.

Hypocrisy – behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel.


The failure of Equilibrium Tuning to respond to my inquiry, let alone substantiate its product claims, is not a good sign that the company is skilled at testing and evaluating the products it sells – contrary to how the business presents itself.

EQT Data Claims
EQT Data Claims

While the business failed to address any of the questions about the product claims it makes, the actions of the business owner provide insight into the manner in which the business is operated.


Consumer help post.

eqt providing help

3 thoughts on ““Demands” Email to EQT”

  1. The way EQT handled and responded to your email (which contains legit and basic questions) convince me I will never deal with them.

  2. Jeff, your persistence with EQT over the last year+ had convinced me that EQT is not an honest company that deserves any amount of my money. Keep the pressure on!

    1. Thanks Phil! I did not foresee the Pandora’s box I was opening when I sent that email to EQT. The reactions have revealed a great deal about the people there.

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