8 thoughts on “IE to do88 Intercooler Swap”

  1. Hi Jeff, i really admire your work. I hope you can do a review on the VWR racingline intercooler as well.

    1. Thanks Mike! I’ll see how cooperative VWR Racingline is when I’m ready to evaluate other intercoolers.

  2. Hi Jeff.

    Just purchased the do88 and installing next month when l can get some spare time. Please let us know how you get on. On a another point, did you have to cut the top right bracket of the AC cooler in order to fit the do88 ? Cheers

    1. I plan to have the results posted next week.

      I did not need to cut that piece. Since I’ve had several intercoolers installed I have filed that end slightly to make it easier to install.

  3. Carl DeKemper

    Jeff, I really enjoy reading through all your testing. Thank you for taking the time to share. I’m about to install a do88 intercooler on my 2016 GTI. Was is truly a remove and replace swap, or any fitment issues noted?
    thanks, Carl

    1. Hi Carl, thanks for that feedback!

      I didn’t have to do anything other than exchange intercoolers, it fit without any extra work being required. This is now the fourth intercooler on my GTI and the first was already installed when I purchased the car, so it’s possibly the initial install involved some accommodating trims being made to the radiator support or AC condenser that I’m not aware of, which may have helped make the install go as easy as it did.

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