Bellmouth to Silicone Adapter

TIP Adapter Flow Test

A question prompted by the second round of turbo inlet pipe testing was the maximum airflow rate through the adapters.

To test the airflow rate a bell-mouth was made to attach to the inlet ends of the IS20/IS38 adapter and silicone coupler.

Bellmouth to IS20/IS38 adapter
Bellmouth to IS20/IS38 adapter

Bellmouth to Silicone Adapter
Bellmouth to Silicone Adapter


The maximum airflow through the IS20/IS38 adapter was 420 CFM.  This is 10 CFM greater than the airflow recorded using the three turbo inlet elbows.

  • Turbo Inlet Elbow: 410 CFM
  • IS20/IS38 Adapter: 420 CFM

Using the silicone adapter and bell-mouth a reading of 536 CFM was taken.  The DBV2 turbo inlet elbow had the highest reading of the elbows tested at 527 CFM.

  • DBV2 Inlet Elbow: 527 CFM
  • Silicone Adapter: 536 CFM

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