Blaze Intake Flange Insert

Use the insert with an IHI IS20/IS38 or another stock-size compressor cover, it improves airflow ~4%.

During testing of the Blaze Performance intake products, it was observed that the intake flow rate was on the low end of all of the intakes that have been tested when tested with an IHI stock-size turbo compressor inlet.

This unexpected result led to Blaze providing the design specifications for an insert they have made for the turbo inlet flange.

The insert made (3D printer) to support testing is shown below (Yellow part).

Note: The part was printed versus shipping a part in the interest of saving time.

Blaze Performance Inlet Adapter Insert Model
Blaze Performance Inlet Adapter Insert Model

The part Blaze developed is shown here:

Blaze Flange Insert
Blaze Flange Insert

The effect on the airflow through the intake of installing the insert into the flange is shown below.

Note: The test points illustrating the change have been underlined in red:

Blaze ATOM V2 Intake Insert Tests
Blaze ATOM V2 Intake Insert Tests

Use of the insert with a stock-size turbo compressor inlet produces an airflow increase of approximately 4% over the Blaze ATOM V2 setup without the insert.


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