Blaze Performance Test Data Summary

The Blaze Performance intake can be configured in a number of ways. This, along with combining Blaze Performance parts with other intake parts results in a large number of test cases for measuring airflow.

Blaze Performance Intake Parts
Blaze Performance Intake Parts

A summary of data recorded using the Blaze intake is shown in the table below:

Flow test configurations of the Blaze Performance intake components.
DepressionCFMAirboxHoseInsertAdapterDateMetal Duct
28"390Top Half Stock AB76 LHDNoIHI10/1/2022NA
28"398Top Half Stock AB76 RHDNoIHI10/1/2022NA
28"550Top Half Stock AB76 RHDNoSilicone10/1/2022NA
28"399Blaze R600 Filter100 RHDNoIHI10/1/2022NA
28"391Blaze R600 Filter100 LHDNoIHI10/1/2022NA
28"393Blaze R600 - No filter100 RHDNoIHI10/1/2022NA
28"379ATOM V1100 LHDNoIHI10/1/2022No
28"390ATOM V1 - No Filter100 LHDNoIHI10/1/2022No
10"491Racingline Foam76 RHDNoNone10/3/2022NA
10"513Blaze R600 Filter100 RHDNoNone10/3/2022NA
10"453ATOM V1100 RHDNoNone10/3/2022No
10"504ATOM V1 - Filter Reversed100 RHDNoNone10/3/2022No
10"401ATOM V1100 RHDNoNone10/3/2022Yes
28"525Blaze R600 Filter100 LHDNoSilicone10/3/2022NA
28"542Blaze R600 Filter100 RHDNoSilicone10/3/2022NA
28"489ATOM V1100 RHDNoSilicone10/3/2022Yes
28"516ATOM V1100 RHDNoSilicone10/3/2022No
28"465ATOM V1100 LHDNoSilicone10/3/2022Yes
28"493ATOM V1100 LHDNoSilicone10/3/2022No
28"526Racingline Foam76 RHDNoSilicone10/3/2022NA
28"391Racingline Foam76 RHDNoIHI10/3/2022NA
28"405Racingline Foam76 RHDYes - v1IHI10/3/2022NA
28"407Racingline Foam76 RHDYes - v2IHI10/3/2022NA
28"403Racingline Foam76 RHDBellmouth 1IHI10/3/2022NA
28"405Racingline Foam76 RHDStraight TaperIHI10/3/2022NA
28"407Racingline Foam76 RHDParabolicIHI10/3/2022NA
28"398Racingline Foam76 RHDDomeIHI10/3/2022NA
28"405Racingline Foam76 RHDVelocity StackIHI10/3/2022NA
10"453Racingline Foam Enclosed76 RHDNoNone10/4/2022NA
28"404Racingline Foam Enclosed76 RHDYes - v2IHI10/4/2022NA
28"393Racingline Foam Enclosed76 LHDYes - v2IHI10/8/2022NA
28"391Racingline Foam EnclosedMST Hose & TIPNAIHI10/8/2022NA
28"381ATOM V1100 LHDNoIHI10/5/2022No - PLA Inlet
28"383ATOM V1100 LHDNoIHI10/5/2022Eventuri inlet
28"393ATOM V1 - No filter100 LHDNoIHI10/5/2022Eventuri inlet
28"390Racingline Foam Enclosed76 RHDNoIHI10/4/2022NA
28"400RL Foam Enclosed No Cover76 LHDYes - v2IHI10/8/2022NA
28"394Blaze R600 Filter100 LHDYes - v2IHI10/8/2022NA
28"515Racingline Foam Enclosed76 RHDNoSilicone10/4/2022NA
28"462Blaze R600 Filter100 LHDYes - v2Silicone10/8/2022NA
28"379Modified Stock GTI76 LHDYes - v2IHI10/8/2022NA
28"390Modified Stock GTI76 RHDYes - v2IHI10/8/2022NA
28"379Modified Stock GTIMST Hose & TIPNAIHI10/8/2022NA
28"476Racingline Foam Enclosed76 LHDYes - v2Silicone10/18/2022NA
28"481Blaze R600 Filter Enclosed100 RHDYes - v2Silicone10/18/2022NA
28"393ATOM V2100 LHDYes - v2IHI10/18/2022Yes
28"403ATOM V2100 RHDYes - v2IHI10/18/2022Yes
28"456ATOM V2100 LHDYes - v2Silicone10/18/2022Yes
28"470ATOM V2100 RHDYes - v2Silicone10/18/2022Yes
10"350ATOM V2100 LHDNoNone10/18/2022Yes
10"456ATOM V2100 RHDNoNone10/18/2022Yes
28"450ATOM V1100 RHDYes - v2Silicone10/18/2022Yes
28"470ATOM V2100 RHDYes - v2Silicone10/18/2022Yes
28"499Racingline Foam EnclosedVWR / FT TIPNASilicone10/30/2022NA
28"495Racingline Foam EnclosedMST Hose & TIPNASilicone10/30/2022NA
28"495Racingline Foam Enclosed034 Hose & FT TIPNASilicone10/30/2022NA
28"488Racingline Foam Enclosed76 LHDYes - v2Silicone10/30/2022NA
28"491Blaze R600 Filter Enclosed100 LHDYes - v2Silicone10/30/2022NA
28"490ATOM V2100 LHDYes - v2Silicone10/30/2022Yes
28"370Modified Stock GTI76 LHDNoIHI11/9/2022NA
28"382Modified Stock GTI76 LHDYes - v2IHI11/9/2022NA
28"378ATOM V2100 LHDNoIHI11/9/2022Yes
28"392ATOM V2100 LHDYes - v2IHI11/9/2022Yes