Air Scoop Throttle Response

This test of the air scoop involved measuring throttle response.

Throttle response is being defined as the time between the Accelerator Pedal Position reaching 50% during rapid depression toward full throttle and when the first indication of positive pressure is reported by the MAP sensor, referred to sometimes as boost threshold.

In this test the smallest boost pressure that can be measured is 0.1 psi.  So the test is to measure how much time passes after the pedal exceeds 50% and 0.1 psi of boost is generated.

There were 12 samples recorded with the air scoop open and 10 samples with the air scoop covered.  The summary of the statistics are shown in the table and box plot below:

Mk7 GTI Air Scoop Throttle Response Test
Air Scoop Throttle Response Test

Note: The “Number” shown on the boxplot is the time in seconds.

The results are very close.  In fact the average value with the scoop open is 0.27 seconds and with the scoop covered it is 0.26 seconds.  Reversing the results obtained when calculating the median.

Bottom line is that the results are sufficiently similar to conclude there is no meaningful difference in throttle response as defined for this test.