Blaze intake with EQT spin


Having recently performed a comprehensive series of tests using the Blaze Performance intake products when I saw a comment stating that the part was over-hyped I was unsure of what to think about that statement.

The descriptions that Blaze Performance provides for their products appear to me to be mostly straightforward and factual with the product characteristics described with measurements and material types.

A recent comment by a user of the product that was addressed in this post does fall into the category of hype, especially since the claim was determined to be misleading.

Soon after I learned that EQT is selling the Blaze intake and took a look at how they’re presenting the product – a source qualifying as “over hype” is found.

Here’s a comparison of how Blaze Performance markets its products compared to how EQT markets the same products:

PartBlaze OriginalEQT Inflated
100mm R600 Upgrade Kit100mm (4inch) Turbo Inlet Hose

4 Ply Silicone, steel-reinforced, Turbo Inlet Hose
This upgrade kit beefs up the size of plumbing to a huge 100mm (4″) allowing massive amounts of airflow to the turbocharger.
100mm R600 Upgrade KitDry Cotton Filter with 100mm (4 Inch) outlet.As well as the upgraded plumbing diameter this kit features a brand new Air filter to ensure optimal airflow and filtration.
100mm R600 Upgrade KitNo equivalent claim madeUpgrading from your original R600 plumbing to the Blaze Performance kit has shown solid gains when used with an aftermarket turbocharger such as our EQT Vortex XL and Standard.
ATOM Race Induction KitNo comparable claim madeThe Blaze Performance AToM V2 Air Intake System is one of the best-performing and flowing options on the market as verified by independent testing.
ATOM Race Induction KitNo comparable claim madeThis intake system features a full-width air deflector to ram as much air as possible into the engine through the massive 120mm air filter!
ATOM Race Induction KitNo comparable claim madeSignificant gains have been shown on Vortex powered vehicles when compared to a competitor’s intake system.
ATOM Race Induction KitNo comparable claim madeReducing the restrictions in the induction system allows for a lower Wastegate Duty Cycle to achieve boost pressure which leads to more power and cooler charge temperatures.


Previously representatives from EQT have told me that they use data to support their recommendations:

This presents an opportunity to review data on the Blaze intake from another source to compare with the measurements I have made.

Summarizing the claims that Equilibrium Tuning is making:

  1. allows massive amounts of airflow to the turbocharger
  2. ensures optimal airflow
  3. ensures optimal filtration
  4. upgrade from R600 plumbing to Blaze kit shows solid gains
  5. verified by independent testing
  6. air deflector rams as much air as possible into the engine
  7. significant gains versus competitor intake system
  8. leads to more power
  9. cooler charge temperatures

Evidence and Analysis:

No data is presented on the EQT product description pages to support the claims EQT has made.

A follow on post will present the information I am able to review from Equilibrium Tuning that supports the claims the company has made.

Search for facts
Search for facts

Some questions about the claims have been sent to EQTs support email.