Transmission Poll

DSG or Manual transmission?

Normally I encounter this question being posed by somebody wondering which to get.

To find out what percentage of owners have each type, I have created this poll.

Transmission Poll

Does your Mk7 have a DSG or Manual transmission?

With that question answered, now for a follow-up question.

If you could swap to the other transmission option, (DSG to Manual, or Manual to DSG), would you make the change?

Transmission Type Satisfaction

Would you change your Mk7's transmission to the "other" type if possible?

  • If you currently have a DSG change it to a Manual.
  • If you currently have a Manual change it to a DSG.

Results as of 10 PM EST, May 23 2023

10 thoughts on “Transmission Poll”

  1. Considering the state of modern manuals. I’m happy with my dsg. No rev hang, no weird gearing, no super heavy fly wheel etc

    I do understand the craving for that “connected feeling” though.

    1. Getting into custom tuning the DSG software has been a big point in favor of the DSG for me.

  2. The question of the ages….good one! The DSG is the finest most high-performance auto I’ve ever owned. 9 vehicles total lifetime/34 years of driving. 5 sticks, 4 autos. So glad I bought it and ditched “rowing my own” this go around. The last car was a stick, is now one of my sons’, and all of my kids learned to drive it so still cool to have/like driving it. Going forward if I got a MK8, I’d actually probably go back to the manual. It’s really fun when you can drive and enjoy both and aren’t held to the “I only drive manual” creedo even when it’s not always the best choice objectively…variety is the spice of life!

    1. Yes! I was curious how satisfied people are with their choices, by the looks of the results very few people regret their choice.

      1. The question is of those nor satisfied…what trans do they have?

  3. On the 6MT on my Sportwagen and pretty happy with it (is20 swapped).
    I changed the stock clutch more 4 years ago for an aftermarket one (SMF kit) and since that, I’m not looking back and not thinking about the DSG.

    The stock clutches suck on these cars. Feels so bad.

    1. Thanks for that information. So far respondents to the poll are a slightly higher percentage of DSG owners than those figures.

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