VCDS Wastegate Voltage Setting and Adaptation

Wastegate First Adaptation of Charge Pressure Actuator – P2563

Setting Turbocharger Wastegate Voltage

As part of the installation of the Shuenk OEM+ IS38 turbocharger (install checklist here) on my Mk7 GTI setting the wastegate actuator to the proper voltage was needed.

That I needed to set the wastegate became apparent when an EPC light illuminated and the “Turbocharger Boost Control Position Sensor Circuit – Implausible Signal” registered.  This is the OBD error code P2563.

Oh right, I’d forgot about doing this when I finished the installation.

I found adjusting the wastegate actuator rod from beneath the car to be the easiest way.

IS38 Wastegate Actuator Adjustment
IS38 Wastegate Actuator Adjustment

I removed the brace that attaches to the turbine housing, shown with the upper arrow.  The bolt is 13mm and the lower end is a 6mm hex socket.

The jam nut holding the rod in place is 10mm (lower arrow) and I found using needle nose pliers held in my right hand coming at the rod from the right to work for me to tighten the rod.

VCDS Adaptation of Charge Pressure Actuator

Checking the voltage readings can be done using the Ross-Tech VCDS diagnostic software if you have their VAG HEX cable that connects through the OBDII port.

VCDS Wastegate Voltage Setting and Adaptation
VCDS Wastegate Voltage Setting and Adaptation

Selecting the “Adv. Meas. Values” in the Basic Functions section opens up a window that will allow viewing many engine variables.  Entering “charge” in the search window greatly reduces the number of variables and brings up relevant variables for this task.

VCDS Advanced Measuring Values Charge Air
VCDS Advanced Measuring Values Charge Air

The “Charge air pressure control valve uncond voltage sensor” is the reading I checked when I started adjusting the wastegate actuator rod.

Note: When I started the voltage was way off, around 4.7 volts.  When I tried to run the “First Adaptation of charge pressure actuator” VCDS would report an “Abort for Safety Reasons” and not complete the adaptation.  When I brought the voltage down to 3.9 volts then the adaptation would complete.

Turning the actuator rod clockwise, looking toward the jam nut, tightens the actuator and lowers the voltage reading.

Once I got the voltage around 3.6 volts I went to the Advanced Functions section of the Engine Controller screen and into the “Basic Settings – 04” and ran the “First Adaptation of charge pressure actuator”

VCDS Basic Settings Initial Screen
Basic Settings Initial Screen

This selection is towards the bottom of a long list of functions that are available below the “Basic Settings” title.

VCDS Basic Settings Pulldown Menu Options

Basic Settings Pulldown Menu OptionsWith the wastegate actuator voltage set around 3.6 volts the ECU was happier and ceased illuminating the EPC light when going into boost.

The video from Deutsche Auto Parts also goes through the process.


As mentioned in the video, you can adjust the wastegate with the turbo installed from above by loosening the bolt and turning the end near the actuator with a finger or two. That worked well for me when I tried it.

Another option is to use a small crescent wrench, or needle nose pliers to turn the wastegate actuator arm.

Another option is this wastegate actuator extension cable from CTS Turbo that allows you to set the wastegate outside of the vehicle.

19 thoughts on “Wastegate First Adaptation of Charge Pressure Actuator – P2563”

  1. To confirm, “IDE05312 Charge air pressure control valve uncond voltage sensor” is the value to monitor when adjusting the wastegate. Does it matter if the engine is running?

    1. I am by no means the authority on setting the wastegate voltage. That was the value I was looking at although I believe when the adaptation is run that then becomes the acknowledged value.

      I did this with the engine off, accessories on.

  2. Hi, wonder if you can help at all?
    I have replaced the turbo along with actuator on my car which has all been calibrated via the turbo company.
    I now have fault code P2563.
    I have gone to run ‘ first adaption of charge pressure actuator through VCDS ‘ but it seems as though I do. It have that option in basic settings?
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Nathan, I added a couple of screen shots of VCDS for where the Adaptation option is found.

        1. I don’t understand your question. In the procedure above I was monitoring the Advanced Measuring Blocks when setting the WG.

  3. Can you adjust the wastegate actuator without removing turbo from the car. I am getting an epc light and error 2563. The voltage is showing 1.6 which afaik should be 3.6. If course I am 1.8 but the actuators are the same between is12 and is20. Thanks

    1. Yes, I approached the arm from beneath the car and was able to adjust it with things in place.

      1. Ok. Cool. Is there anyway to access it from above relatively easily or better from below. Just asking because don’t have ramps or anything.

        1. It’s been a while since I messed with it, but if I’d found a way that was about the same difficulty from the top I’d have done that instead.

        2. Check out shop daps video. Google waste gate adjustment mk7 and it’ll pop up. They just did this and he does it from the top

          1. Awesome tip. Might try that although Paul’s hands are a lot smaller than mine. That being said, already used that as an excuse to go IS38

          2. I was able to adjust it from the top. Little bit difficult as I had never done it, didn’t know what I was looking for and on top of that, just had to do from feel. Now be careful because I way overdid it and completely unscrewed the rod. Was able to get it back piety easily though. That being said, was able to twist by hand. Did the adaptation in OBD11.
            Original voltage was 1.6. Managed to get 3. Unfriendly, EPC light still came on. Will wait till it cools and try to get to 3.6.

    2. I can reach a maximum of 2.2 V. What’s wrong with my westgate. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

  4. I just swapped in an is20 on my Alltrack and I’m only getting a max of 1.6v. I’ve tried to adjust to both the min and max adjustment on the wastegate and no luck. Been getting EPC light and limp mode consistently.

    1. Is it remaining at 1.6v after running the First Adaptation of charge pressure actuator?

      1. Jeremy Bryner

        It’s currently at a shop so I don’t know the exact procedure they are doing, but I think it was a fight to get it adjusted from 1.5 to 1.6. Who knows how many times they’ve tried to change the adjustment and have done the adaptation. The previous IS12 turbo I bought to swap in did the same thing about not reporting a 3.6v reading. Gotta wonder if something deeper than the wastegate has gone bad.

      2. Jeremy Bryner

        So the shop found out that someone had mistakenly dislodged one of the pins in the wastegate actuator connectors. Reseated the pin and the car adapted perfectly. Car drives perfectly!

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