Stratified DSG Tune v14

This update is the last addressing my involvement with update to the DSG TCU tune. Some small changes have been made to the accelerating 6 -> 5 downshift and the 5 -> 4 downshift.

At this point any further changes would be solely on the basis of personal preferences, where more than one response from the transmission would be acceptable and be dependent on the driver. For instance, should low pedal input 3 -> 4 up-shift occur at 2100 rpm or 2000 rpm. Note: This does not mean the tune always up-shifts at 2100 or 2000 rpm, the rpm that up-shift occurs at is a function of accelerator pedal input as illustrated in the preview video from a couple of months ago.

Stratified is conducting further checkouts of the TCU tune with their GTI and the project should be finished soon.

Note: I’m tardy with this update and consequently the Version Update is currently available from Stratified.