Shuenk IS38+ August 2022

Shuenk IS38+ 3 Year Update

The Shuenk IS38+ turbocharger that I installed in my GTI three years ago, in July of 2019, is still in the car and chugging along without issue.

Shuenk IS38+ Turbocharger
Shuenk IS38+ Turbocharger

Last year at this time I had been thinking of moving on to something larger in support of testing products that may be better at showing differences when paired with a bigger, slower responding, turbo.

Those plans went by the wayside as I undertook road testing of some intakes, downpipes, and intercoolers.

Shuenk IS38+ (August 2022)

I still intend to move on to using a different turbocharger. When will be dependent upon a lull showing up in the vehicle-based testing that has been a steady draw on my time.

The Shuenk IS38+ has given me three years, and counting, of trouble-free operation.

5 thoughts on “Shuenk IS38+ 3 Year Update”

  1. Jeff — we’re working on a refinement of the IS38+ design which might interest you. We’re re-shaping the compressor wheel for a bit more output capacity and looking at a change to the turbine rotor as well. Love to have you test it when ready.

    Doug H.

    1. Hey Doug, I’ve got a full plate for the foreseeable future. I doubt I’ll be able to support your schedule, but reach out when you’re ready and I’ll let you know. Thanks!

    1. Presently just past 16,000 miles. That’s not a very useful metric though since the type of driving can vary greatly. Long-distance drives that rack up a lot of miles don’t subject the turbo to many boost cycles. While working on my TCU tune (shown below) or collecting data (bottom chart) the turbo is subjected to much heavier loads, even though only a few miles are put on the turbo.

      TCU Tune Development.

      IC data collection

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