AMS IC External Airflow Test


Measuring airflow through an intercooler’s external fins may indicate how well the unit supports the radiator’s cooling.

This test measures the external airflow through the AMS Performance intercooler for the Mk7.

Previously the airflow through the interior of the AMS IC was measured. The internal flow test was conducted again because it was easy to do with the equipment already set up. Results matched those from the first test.

Test Procedure:

The rationale for this test was explained in detail in a prior post.

The intercooler is placed upon an adapter that is joined with a flow bench and ambient air is drawn through the external fins of the IC.

AMS Intercooler External Airflow Test
AMS Intercooler External Airflow Test

Test Result:

The AMS IC flows 265 CFM @ 10″ of H2O.

This result is shown along with other intercoolers that have been tested in the chart:

AMS IC External Airflow
AMS IC External Airflow


Airflow through the external fins of the AMS IC was measured using a flow bench and found to be 265 CFM @ 10″ of H2O using the procedure described above.

The airflow volume through the AMS IC is on the low end of the range of products that have been tested. This is not an unexpected result given the high fin density of the AMS IC, 22 fins per inch.


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