Stratified DSG Tuning v7

Version seven of the revisions to the Stratified DSG Tune (DQ250 GTI) is on the car now.

With the majority of the changes to the initial TCU tune now implemented and cleaned up this revision is limited to fine tuning some of the on-pedal downshift response.  The 6th gear downshift thresholds that contribute to determining whether the transmission drops down into 5th, or continues down to 4th, have been adjusted with this revision.

The process of making revisions to the tune has created a challenge in that the attention given to what is happening with the control logic leads to an awareness of more things that can be changed.  As the tune has been refined the bar has been raised for what is considered satisfactory.  Trying to get it ‘just right’ could go on for a while if not constrained by pre-defined completion criteria.

The revisions are minor at this stage and the tune is now very close to being completed.