Shuenk IS38 OEM+ Turbo Boost Data

Gathering some additional data using the Shuenk OEM+ turbo I took advantage of slightly cooler temperatures to log boost onset again.  The previous drive was taken in 84F temperatures, today it was 74F.

Boost response improved with the 10 degreeF cooler ambient air temperature.

Shuenk OEM+ IS38 Boost Onset - 74F Ambient
Shuenk OEM+ IS38 Boost Onset – 74F Ambient

2 thoughts on “Shuenk IS38 OEM+ Turbo Boost Data”

  1. Looks like you reach 20psi within 1000rpms after the point you hit throttle. Very glad to see that the heavier-duty rotating assembly isn’t sluggish to build boost.

    1. Yes, it is performing similar to the stock IS38 turbo with respect to the boost onset.

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