IE plus Majesty pull temperatures

IE + Majesty Bicooler


Results of pairing the IE v1 intercooler with a Treadstone TR8C were mixed. Pressure drop across the pair was very low, but cooling performance was mediocre. I had also installed the Treadstone core in a temporary manner, suspending it from the crash bar with zip ties.

Treadstone TR8C FMIC Test Fitting
Treadstone TR8C FMIC Test Fitting

With some other testing in mind I’ve swapped back to using the Majesty front mounted core along with the IE v1 stock location.

IE v1 plus Majesty FMIC
IE v1 + Majesty FMIC

After making an intercooler change I take the GTI out for a spin to ensure the boost hoses have been firmly secured.

This drive presented an opportunity to record the IC outlet temperatures over a series of pulls to see how it compared with the IE + TR8C combination.

Results using the IE + Majesty are shown in the chart:

Integrated Engineering IC with Majesty Front Mount IC

The pulls were made with the AC off.

Pressure drop could not be directly measured due to a change in the turbo muffler being used but comparing turbocharger wastegate duty cycle does not show a significant difference between the two configurations.

IE with TR8C & Majesty FMICs

2 thoughts on “IE + Majesty Bicooler”

  1. Looks like quite a difference in cooling. If pressure drop is the same, will you stay with this set up ???

    1. It may become my ‘go-to’ setup when I’m looking for performance. There are a couple of other combinations and products I’m interested in trying, but without a definite plan, I’ll likely stick with this for a while. Pressure drop is within a couple of tenths of a psi of the best I have measured, so no concerns with how this setup flows.

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