USP TSI Gen3 Boost Tap Kit

USP Boost Tap Caution

USP Motorsports sells a boost tap for the EA888 engine that allows for the connection of a boost gauge air line to the intake manifold.

USP TSI Gen3 Boost Tap Kit
USP TSI Gen3 Boost Tap

To use the boost tap the MAP sensor is removed from the intake manifold and the boost tap is installed in the opening, and then the MAP sensor is reinstalled on top of the boost tap.

While simple to install the boost tap created a problem on my GTI, it led to erroneous intake air temperature readings.

USP Boost Tap Affect on Unitronic IC Intake Air Temperatures
USP Boost Tap Affect on Unitronic IC Intake Air Temperatures

While testing the Unitronic stock location intercooler I observed that the intake air temperatures were less affected by changes in vehicle speed than I had observed with other stock location intercoolers.  See the dark blue IAT line in the chart above.

Because I had purchased the GTI used I was unaware that the boost gauge had been setup to use the USP boost tap. After a bit of research I discovered that the boost tap has the potential to affect intake air temperatures.  I removed the boost tap and drove the same route recording the data shown by the orange line.

It is clear that removing the boost tap stopped the dampening of the intake air temperature reading changes.  From a performance standpoint this is important due to the fact that the IAT sensor will read well above the intercooler outlet temperature except under periods of high airflow.  When airflow is increased the IAT sensor reading approaches the true IC outlet temperature.

As shown in the chart above at times 900 and 1200, with the boost tap installed the IAT sensor reading lags under similar conditions to those without the boost tap.

Under boost this will result in the engine computer receiving false information about intake air temperatures being higher than they actually are.  This could lead to reduced performance versus what could be achieved had a true air temperature reading been reported to the ECU.

The intake air temperature sensor is co-located on the MAP sensor and the presence of the boost tap is affecting the IAT sensor readings.


Use of the USP boost tap has the potential to unfavorably affect intake air temperature readings in the Mk7 GTI.

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  1. For sure and why I went with the style that you poke the hole in the port on the side of the manifold for mine.

    1. Glad you posted this too Jeff, this style tap is a very bad design (I had one on my car took 1 test drive and removed it instantly because I saw how much it affected IAT readings) it’s crazy that this is a known issue and they all still continue to sell and people buy. If you look at the APR tap webpage you’ll see at the bottom then used to have a design with the map spacer and when they realized what it did they redesigned and still offer to swap out for free if you bought the old design.

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