MGM7 Intake Development – Beta 4


Continuing the development of the MGM7 intake, the Beta 3 design went no further than the drafting program and CFD analysis.

MGM7 Intake – Beta 3 CFD

The Beta-4 design is intended to give insight into the upper limit of airflow capacity.

The intake, following a Go Big or Go Home mindset, is too large to fit in the engine compartment, but is useful as a benchmark for comparing other designs with.

MGM7 Intake - Beta 4 Drawing
MGM7 Intake – Beta 4 Drawing
Vibrant Air Filter Flow Test
Vibrant Air Filter Flow Test

The airflow rate through the Beta-4 does increase slightly compared to other designs and commercial intakes that have been tested.

Some ideas in work for the next version are accommodating a different filter, which will entail more changes to the inlet end, and making some changes to the outlet.

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