HPA High Pressure Fuel Pump

Adding Fuel Pressure Headroom

The past couple of months have shown progress with tuning of the Shuenk IS38+ turbocharger.

Shuenk IS38+ Turbocharger
Shuenk IS38+ Turbocharger

Recent concerns on my part about the fuel rail pressure not meeting the requested levels prompted considering options to resolve this deviation.

Shuenk IS38+ Tuning Fueling
Shuenk IS38+ Tuning Fueling

Lowering boost pressure or upgrading the high pressure fuel pump (HPFP) were the two options being considered.

I went with upgrading the HPFP to be able to try and maximize the performance from the turbocharger.  I chose the HPA fuel pump upgrade that would allow for a direct swap with the stock HPFP.

HPA High Pressure Fuel Pump
HPA High Pressure Fuel Pump

After installing the fuel pump, the fuel rail pressure results are what I was hoping for.

Mk7 GTI HPA HPFP Checkout
HPA HPFP Checkout

11 thoughts on “Adding Fuel Pressure Headroom”

    1. I received the pump 2 days ago. I need to get it installed and have a tune update sent before I’ll have results to post.

    1. Not yet. The first pump HPA sent was not operating properly so it was returned. I have received the fixed pump back but have not yet installed it.

        1. Normally the HPFP will prime the line pressure before you try and start the engine, that way it starts right away. That wasn’t happening, I’d press the start button and for 4-5 seconds the engine would turn over before starting.

          In operation when I did a WOT pull I was getting less fuel rail pressure than from the stock pump.

  1. Diego Esposito

    HI Jeff. do you go with HPA HPFP in order to push more the is38+ or this change is a must with turbo upgrade? Thanks

    1. I intend to try a push the IS38+ a bit and I felt I should have some headroom on the fuel pressure in order to do that. I would have been able to be tuned around 26-27 psi without the HPFP upgrade.

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