Exposed filter Turbo Inlet Air Temperature

Open Intake Turbo Inlet Temperature

The final configuration to be tested as part of the series of tests using different style intakes is the MST Performance intake without any partition to separate the filter from the engine compartment.

A picture was not taken of this arrangement, it is similar to what is shown below with the removal of the metal partition that partially encloses the MST air filter.

MST Performance Intake
MST Performance Intake

The air temperature entering the turbocharger compressor is measured during a third gear full boost pull.

Exposed filter Turbo Inlet Air Temperature
Exposed filter Turbo Inlet Air Temperature

These readings are labeled TIP (No Partition) in the chart above.

Air temperature entering the turbocharger with the exposed filter is noticeably higher than any of the other configurations that have been tested.


No surprises, the more that the air intake is closed off to restrict the source of air to the outside of the engine compartment, the cooler the air going into the turbocharger becomes.

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  1. Great job again.
    That’s a lot of wiring and cables! 🙂
    Wow. Huge gap vs ambiant air temp when no partition at all.

    1. Thanks! I agree there’s a large increase, even during a pull that begins while moving.

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