ARM Motorsports FMIC in Bicooler configuration

ARM FMIC Bicooled

After completing street data collection on the ARM Motorsports FMIC I checked to see if it would accommodate the Majesty bicooler hoses.

ARM Motorsports Front Mount Intercooler

Happy to find that it will work without much trouble the GTI is now set to use the stock GTI IC along with this ARM FMIC in a bicooler arrangement.

ARM Motorsports FMIC in Bicooler configuration
ARM Motorsports FMIC in Bicooler configuration

Next will be recording street temperature and pressure drop data.

2 thoughts on “ARM FMIC Bicooled”

  1. I am currently running the arm fmic on my GLI. Can’t wait to see your street results with the bicooler set up. I’ve got the majesty pipes saved in my eBay cart! So exactly how easy was it getting the bicooler pipes on? Your research it’s amazing. Well done!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Steve. The Majesty FMIC has an unusual size piping, it is 60 mm. The ARM is more normal at 2.5″ so what I did was trim the ends of the Majesty hoses and fit a reducer/expander silicone hose using a metal joiner tube. Other than that alteration the Majesty hose fit to the ARM FMIC well.

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