DSG TCU Tuning

Searching for a great DSG tune has been an ongoing effort for nearly a year, and it continues.  The last candidate that moved to the top spot was the 034 Motosport tune.  Out of the box it was unimpressive, barely distinguishable from stock, but 034 had been willing to make adjustments based on my suggestions and I was pleased with the changes to the tune.

Part of giving good direction for making changes involves quantifying the current characteristics and pointing out where changes should be made.  The result of doing that with 034 was that I began to identify areas for improvement that were in need of subtle changes, or were areas of performance that I had overlooked previously.

Unfortunately 034 has been too busy with other projects lately to give attention to further refining the tune, it’s in their queue to look at, but with no ETA on when that will be.

on hold

The search for a great tune is not going to stop and from my experience with 034 I decided I would look for a DSG tune that included customization as part of the purchase.

VRTuned came up as a candidate and I contacted them to see if they would be able to deliver what I was looking for.  The candidate started off promising but during consultation with their software engineer it was determined that what I was looking to do was beyond what they could support.

Next I came across 5150.  A bonus for this candidate is that they use the Cobb Accessport for flashing the tune and I already have that hardware.  What really appealed to me was the option to have custom shift-points, just what I am looking for.  I contacted 5150 about defining the shift points and was told they would be whatever I wanted.  Sign me up.

The next step is to provide 5150 with the details of what I am looking to do and get to work.