Apex ARC-8 Wheel

MQB Apex ARC-8 Wheel Poll

Apex Race Parts is gauging consumer interest in wheels designed by Apex for the MQB platform.

The initial product offered would be to the following specifications:

Apex ARC – 8

  • 17 x 8.5
  • ET45
  • 5 x 112
  • Weight: +/- 17.2 lbs
  • Designed to work with some Big Brake Kits
  • Price expected to be in line with other Apex offerings of this size
  • Look like the image below:
Apex ARC-8 Wheel
Apex ARC-8

Please complete the poll question below about whether you are interested in participating or not.  Apex will use the responses to assess the level of interest in bringing this product to market.

If you are interested in participating you can send an email to me at jeff@mygolfm7.com with the subject line:

Apex ARC-8 group buy: <your name>

If you have questions you can use the comment section below.

Note:  I am not the primary point of contact for this effort but helping to get the word out. 

Apex Survey results