Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake for the Mk7 GTI

Eventuri with MST inlet hose


This is an “I wonder” test that came about since I first tested the Eventuri intake with a Racingline silicone hose and CTS turbo inlet elbow.

Eventuri Intake Airflow Test Mk7 GTI
Eventuri Intake Airflow Test

While the Eventuri intake was out of the GTI I decided to see if the flow performance would change when combined with the MST inlet hose and MST turbo inlet pipe.

Test Procedure:

The procedure for testing this intake setup is the same that I have used for most intakes. The intake is attached to an adapter that simulates the compressor housing inlet of the IS20/IS38 turbo, and this is affixed to a PTS flow bench. The flow bench is operated at 28″ of H2O and the airflow is recorded at this pressure drop.

Test Results:

The Eventuri intake with MST components flowed 394 CFM at 28″ of H2O, a 6 CFM gain over the 388 CFM recorded using the Racingline and CTS parts.

These latest results are shown on the chart below, replacing the previous test results for the Eventuri.

Eventuri Intake with MST Inlet Hose and TIP
Eventuri Intake with MST Inlet Hose and TIP


Attaching the Eventuri intake to the MST inlet hose and Turbo Inlet Pipe showed a 6 CFM gain versus a previous test with the Eventuri attached to a Racingline hose and CTS inlet elbow. The difference is small, but greater than the measurement margin of error which is around +/- 2 CFM.

4 thoughts on “Eventuri with MST inlet hose”

  1. So, the conclusion is that the MST intake box + filter is better than the eventuri all other parameters being equal?

    1. If all you are considering is airflow, yes the MST setup flows more. They’re so close it is really splitting hairs to call one better than the other. It’s analogous to comparing two lightweight wheels and saying that one that weighs 16 lbs 2 oz is better than one that weighs 16 lbs 8 oz. Yes we have measurement equipment that is accurate and precise enough to detect a difference, but in application does the difference matter?

  2. I am an owner of full MST intake and I noticed that the box, which is build of some kind of metal is getting warm after a normal run. Does this affect the performance? I was thinking that plastic may be a better material choice, purely due its lower heat conductivity. Does this make sense?

    1. That isn’t something I’ve looked into, but from the results I’ve seen using intakes that have piping ranging from plastic, carbon fiber, silicone, and metal with not much difference, I doubt the material the box is made of will have much impact if any.

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