IE v1 plus Majesty FMIC

Bicooler Swap

Going back to a bicooler setup pairing a FMIC with aftermarket stock location IC.

IE v1 plus Majesty FMIC
IE v1 + Majesty FMIC

For the time being the setup will pair the Integrated Engineering v1 stock location intercooler with a Majesty FMIC.

The IE v1 is selected for the very good cooling performance I have measured from it, on par with the IE v2, smaller size than the v2, and airflow that is slightly less than v2, but given the bicooler arrangement not a concern. In general, bicoolers that I have tested flow very well.

The Majesty FMIC is being used because I don’t yet have a suitable bracket for mounting the Treadstone TR8C intercooler. The Majesty cools adequately and also showed a pressure drop that was comparable to the stock GTI IC, good performance from a smaller FMIC.

First pull with the updated IC arrangement.