Mityvac Oil Extractor


I’ve been using an oil extractor with my GTI for a couple of years.

Oil Extractor
Oil Extractor

I’ve seen several comments from the internet from people who don’t use these because they want to be sure that they get all of the oil out of the oil pan.

Oil change:

I had read some of these comments recently and remembered them as I started an oil change. I decided to operate the extractor as usual and then raise the front of the car to drain the last bit of oil through the drain plug.

As I backed the plug out of the pan I was anticipating the excess to begin running out, but when the plug was removed nothing drained out. Not a drop.

Oil Pan
Oil Pan

Hmm. I wondered if this was a double-walled metal oil pan that somehow retained the remaining oil inside an inner chamber.

One way to find out.

Engine Oil
Engine Oil

I had some extra conventional oil on hand so I poured some of it into the engine. Sure enough, a moment later it began draining out of the oil pan.

Oil Draining
Oil Draining

So there wasn’t any oil in the oil pan after using the vacuum extractor. The extractor had done an excellent job of removing the used oil, as good as I would have if I had conventionally drained the oil.


An oil change was performed on my Mk7 GTI using an oil extractor and following the removal of the oil with the extractor the oil pan drain plug was removed. No remaining used oil was found in the oil pan.

The oil extractor does a satisfactory job of removing used oil from the Mk7 GTI oil pan.

2 thoughts on “Mityvac Oil Extractor”

  1. I own a fluid extractor and it’s a great tool. You are under your car enough this likely doesn’t apply to you..

    The average person pops their hood probably once ever 2,000 miles or so to top off washer fluid. If they do their own oil changes, they get underneath it about every 5,000 miles. Vehicle inspections are necessary to longevity and safety – and oil naturally drains in the time it takes to do this inspection.

    I strongly advocate against oil extractors because I think they reinforce lazy maintenance; not because they aren’t effective.

  2. I would argue that extractors encourage better regular maintenance because it makes oil changes so easy. Better they get under the hood very 5k with an extractor, than paying someone else to do an oil change and never getting under the hood at all. While the extractor is doing its thing is a perfect time to go around the car and inspect things like your air filters, brakes, coolant, and more.

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