Demographics Poll: Power Setup

Curious to gauge the popularity of various power-adder mods among the viewers of this site and some GTI/R/Sportwagen enthusiast sites I’ve created the poll below. Feel free to post a link to this poll on enthusiast sites to generate more responses, which will help improve the quality of the results.

The poll will stay open until I see the daily participation rate drop significantly, after which I’ll close the poll and make an update with the results.

If I’ve missed a category go ahead and post in the comments below. I won’t be able to change this poll since it is live, but if this poll is repeated in the future I can incorporate suggested improvements.

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At the time that the poll was closed there were 86 votes.

4 thoughts on “Demographics Poll: Power Setup”

  1. Didn’t answer the poll cause I’m on the 1.8 Sportwagen. Pretty sure lots of your readers are on the 1.8 since you build huge credibility among the the whole mk7-7.5 platform. And parts/stuff you are testing applies.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll reword the description to include the Sportwagen.

      1. Thank you! We (the wagon crew) typically upgrade to the GTI IS20 or the R IS38 as there isn’t much support from a tuning/fueling perspective beyond it.

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