Shuenk IS38+ Turbocharger Data

Shuenk IS38+ Turbo First Full Pull

Taking advantage of the hot summer temperatures to go out and make a third gear pull with the Shuenk IS38+ turbo.

Shuenk IS38+ Turbocharger Data
Shuenk IS38+ Turbocharger Data

Starting intake air temperature of 120 degF and boosting to 25 psi drove timing advance to zero.  Compressor outlet temperature peaked at a toasty 330 degF (also shown on the left y-axis but not labeled).   The compressor outlet temperature curve is in reality slightly shifted to the right from what is shown on the chart, but to better fit on the chart it is shifted slightly to the left.

This is using the Eurodyne IS38 base adjustable file.

Shuenk IS38+ Turbocharger Boost and Wastegate Actuator
Shuenk IS38+ Turbocharger Boost and Wastegate Actuator

8 thoughts on “Shuenk IS38+ Turbo First Full Pull”

  1. Cool results, especially on the intercooler! Which IC are you using? Do you have a page that shows the current setup on your car? Or does it change too frequently to keep up? I’m also curious to know the difference between “requested boost” and actual boost. I’m not sure what channels those are in VCDS. It was a common comparison in the TDI world when testing the responsiveness of turbos. Take Care! -Scott

  2. Hey Scott, at the moment I’m using a Unitronic IC paired with the eBay FMIC as a bicooler. I do tend to swap parts around on the intake side frequently.

    I’ll need to go back and check the log to see if requested boost is there, it probably is but I’m using the Eurodyne logger and some of the terms are different from what Ross Tech has in VCDS. I hit record all before I started so if Eurodyne records it then I’ll have that information.

  3. What wastegate duty was it running at the point you cut throttle? Boost looks to be trending downward towards ~20psi at redline.

  4. I added a chart with the requested and actual boost along with the wastegate actuator reading that Eurodyne provides.

    1. So I might be a little off base here but how does this car compared to your k04 S4? I asked you to someone who came from the B5 world and now has an A3

      1. Hey Chris, I think they’re fairly different. I like the handling and braking of the GTI. The S4’s low end, Quattro, looks, and exhaust note are in it’s favor. I’m glad to be able to split my driving between them both.

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