2 thoughts on “Racingline R600 Intake Commute Temperatures – Initial”

  1. Hi Jeff,
    Do you plan on doing any test of the Injen Evolution Air Intake. It looks similar to the Racingline setup. I did look at the Racingline this morning. Apparently, if you have a secondary air injection, you need to drill the hole for it. I have the secondary injection and don’t know if I want to try and drill that hole. The Injen, already has port built in for the secondary injection. Also they do not have a foam filter, they have a cone style filter and turbo inlet pipe. The system looks decent, probably a little less quality than the Racingline. They do have a hokey dirt gauge on the lid. I don’t know if you’ve seen one yet, but here’s a link: https://www.uspmotorsports.com/EVO3000-7488.html

  2. Hey Chuck,

    No, the Injen intake is not one I was planning to test. After a while it becomes apparent that there’s not much variation in performance across the different intakes and the time it takes to test additional intakes doesn’t produce much valuable information. I’d rather move on to other parts.

    I have a separate small filter for the SAI port so that there is never any worry about the airbox having a port. IE sells one:

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